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  1. It's at least good to know that there's something in the pipeline. Thanks for that! In terms of replication, it's really hard to tell as it's happening pretty much every race now. Do you think uninstalling SimHub would change anything? Came to my mind today that I still have it on my PC as I use it in RaceRoom a lot.
  2. Any news on that? Tried to follow the firmware/driver update stuff here https://ts.thrustmaster.com/download/pub/webupdate/t500rs/T500rs_firmware_update_procedure_v47.pdf as well, after doing a clean-uninstall of anything wheel-related, but the issue persists. At the moment, the game is unplayable for me, cannot get a refund anymore, as I did not have this many issues (especially the mid-race disconnect) before patch 1.04 (1.05 not changing anything) and played it quite a while. So. Great? 60 bucks to the bin for now or I'll wait for my Fanatec to arrive? Not especially what I exp
  3. Hello everybody, saw a few complaints already, but the megathread is closed so I don't know where to put this. Please move if necessary. A detailed description of the issue My T500RS either disconnects after about 2 minutes of racing or does not have FFB on race start. No ALT+Tab after race startup, Firmware of the wheel is 47.00, Driver Package is 2.TTRS.2021. First solution was - prior to the last patch - to disconnect the wheel before quali or race start and reconnect again, everything was fine - even though quite annoying already. Since the last game patch, I stuck to t
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