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  1. LFSwicked

    F1 Game Photos

    Codies need to make an official Screenshots thread.
  2. Yes, I hope tracks will be improved. Some tracks are already great and pretty close to real life but some tracks are just way off, grasses/bumps that shouldn't exist etc. After driving SPA in Assetto Corsa, the version in the F1 game is honestly bad.
  3. I just want the option to disable transfers ""mid season"". And an option alter the teams performance in Championship mode, a randomise, equal or realistic option.
  4. LFSwicked

    Sound Options

    Been saying this for 18 as well. I want louder winds and lower opponent volume. Give us the option to adjust these volumes, pretty much every other racing game I play have these as options.
  5. LFSwicked

    Championship mode neglected yet again

    Means he agrees with you. Plus championship mode needs a team performance option, equal, random and realistic.
  6. LFSwicked

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I wish driver transfers only happens at the end of the season, I hope they consider doing this.
  7. LFSwicked

    Lap times are down.

    Hmm I think curbs are still pretty lenient? I can abuse them in AU with really no issues, except for the higher ones where I don't think they touch in real life. Like the first corner in the game you can still ride over completely and pretty much smash it where in real life it's a no no.
  8. LFSwicked

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    Loving the graphics and the AI so far. The road texture is so much better than 18.
  9. LFSwicked

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    You're literally a liar if you say the game is getting worse each year.
  10. Please add these camera angles as a permanent option in the replays!
  11. LFSwicked

    *Delete thread*

  12. LFSwicked

    *Delete thread*

  13. LFSwicked

    the I.A straight line speed is disgusting F1 2019

    What difficulty number are those youtubers using? The number could make a big difference on straight line speed.
  14. LFSwicked

    Championship mode 2019

    I wish there was an option to randomise or equalise the teams performance in championship mode.
  15. LFSwicked

    the I.A straight line speed is disgusting F1 2019

    AI difficulty setting?