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  1. Yes, I hope tracks will be improved. Some tracks are already great and pretty close to real life but some tracks are just way off, grasses/bumps that shouldn't exist etc. After driving SPA in Assetto Corsa, the version in the F1 game is honestly bad.
  2. Dirt rally 2 had multiple sound updates, hoping this will get a similar treatment but I kind of doubt it. Maybe next gen they'll get it right.
  3. I just want the option to disable transfers ""mid season"". And an option alter the teams performance in Championship mode, a randomise, equal or realistic option.
  4. LFSwicked

    Sound Options

    Been saying this for 18 as well. I want louder winds and lower opponent volume. Give us the option to adjust these volumes, pretty much every other racing game I play have these as options.
  5. LFSwicked

    Championship mode neglected yet again

    Means he agrees with you. Plus championship mode needs a team performance option, equal, random and realistic.
  6. LFSwicked

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I wish driver transfers only happens at the end of the season, I hope they consider doing this.
  7. LFSwicked

    Lap times are down.

    Hmm I think curbs are still pretty lenient? I can abuse them in AU with really no issues, except for the higher ones where I don't think they touch in real life. Like the first corner in the game you can still ride over completely and pretty much smash it where in real life it's a no no.
  8. "negativity"...It's called criticism, wanting an authentic aspect of the game we love to improve. Plus you don't have to sit in an F1 car to know what 10000 rpm sounds like, and when the game hits that it sounds no where near it.
  9. I highly, highly doubt "the game" sounds more accurate than real onboard audio when sitting inside the cockpit. If that's the case then my road car sounds more aggressive than an F1 car lol.
  10. I've seen a ton of comments especially about the RPM, on YT, reddit and here of course. I think the audio they have in place is great, it just needs re-balancing. RPM progression, louder growling, AI volume toned down a little, fix the goofy up shifts on some classic cars etc. If they can sort these out then we're golden. I do feel like the sound is ruining the experience, because so far the game it self is fantastic imo.
  11. LFSwicked

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    Loving the graphics and the AI so far. The road texture is so much better than 18.
  12. The sounds in the game are nice but yeah it sounds like the cars are barely revving, even during a race in real life, when they aren't even hitting mid RPM lights, the engines are screaming, the game is lacking that scream. Plus the downshift on some of the classic cars sounds goofy as hell. The game is so good that it's sad when the sounds aren't up to par, it's the only thing hindering my enjoyment with the game. This is how aggressive the car should sound, especially in quali mode.
  13. LFSwicked

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    You're literally a liar if you say the game is getting worse each year.
  14. Please add these camera angles as a permanent option in the replays!
  15. LFSwicked

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