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  1. Some time the sponsor decals van be displayed. But have error. See the decal under the front number. It should be another sponsor. It seems like correct size but replaced by other sponsor logo...
  2. Still an issue even in 2021 version..... Are we going to see this in 2022 version too?
  3. But isn't it how others rendering photo from replay and highlight? In fact, I noticed the sponsors are not displayed on my driver's glove and helmet during some race too.
  4. PS4 and F1 2021. Sponsors logo randomly disappeared or not displayed correctly during practice, qualifying or in-race session and replay mode. The car reflection also displayed weird color at the grid start cut scene. You can see 1st attached image without logo when I take photo from a replay. 2nd & 3rd images are what it should be.
  5. Good game. So far so good. Besides a few blue screen system crashed on my PS4. And not sure why the sponsors logo randomly disappeared during some in-race session even in replay mode. I took the photo below but sponsors gone...
  6. I am playing MyTeam in career mode on PS4. Love to have more customisable features if possible. Suggest to have "recent used colors" in color editor. Also please enable the color editor for suit and helmet sponsor. Currently only can edit sponsor colors in livery page.
  7. When racing on track, the mini map display each car with simple team main color. But there are few teams shared the white color which make player difficult to differentiate them. Suggest to have at least two or more colors for each team.
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