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  1. it's a yoke! no but seriously @BarryBL any information if there's being worked on the online lobbies at all right now? are we even close to a fix?
  2. waiting a month for this: Online ● Users kicked from a session due to the timer running out are no longer banned from the session ● Host-spectators will now correctly see the race starts lights go out at the same time as racers For real?
  3. Any news when a new patch is coming where the issue with getting kicked out of multiplayer ranked lobbies? haha.... no but seriously though? any info?
  4. yeah, because codemaster likes to simply collect bug reports and feast on them.... what kind of stupid question is that? of course they are trying to fix it. if you'd have any idea on how difficult it can be to find a bug (that's exact occurence might be different on each and every setup) in literally thousands of code lines/settings etc, you wouldn't ask such stupid questions and simply give them more time.
  5. known issue, of which the codies just dont care to fix.... workaround is to join a lobby mid race, BUT stay in the lobby, do not spectate, then you will remain in that lobby and can attend the next race, but everyone inside the session racing/spectating is going to be disconnected and some of them might be reconnected.... all in all its a disgrace that these issues still persist over a month into release....
  6. those bugs make the game look like there were no tests before release at all..... for people like me who are playing ranked online only, it is unplayable currently.... always getting kicked out of the lobby and have to search a new one and reinvite my friends.... please fix it ASAP.....
  7. same for me and two friends of mine.... after every... single... race.....
  8. Each race in a online ranked lobbie, ends in getting disconnected from XBOX live and getting into a placeholder lobby. also sometimes the audio is still stuttering and my damage overview (wing, floor etc.) always shows everything green, even when my wing is completely missing Report Code: not available at the time of writing that report XBOX One. Online Ranked 5-16 NO restarting, multiple joins etc. nope happens by itself after each race completed inside the session, if you join a lobby and stay in the lobby without entering the session, you s
  9. add to the list: Disconnecting/getting kicked out of the lobby, after every single race... (landing in sort of placeholder lobby) have to search new lobby, always reinvite my buddies....
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