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  1. In some ways, I have to agree: no matter how complex and in-depth the model is, in order to achieve a good feeling of driving the car some "art" is still needed from the developers to make things feel right. Codies know this very well and this is also why they have Jon driving the game and giving feedback to make the cars handle right. I still think that simulating many variables and aspects of driving helps achieve the higher levels of realism, but this is only true if the developers know how to tweak things in their model in order to achieve a realistic behavior from the cars.
  2. Which is pretty much the only conspiracy I care about, and is surely the only one I'd like to hear about in a DiRT Rally forum
  3. The thing is, a car interacting with the road surface is not a simple thing. There are so many variables and so many different complex concepts at play that I don't think a simple model would be able to represent everything that happens on a rally stage realistically. Take, for example, how both the tyres and the road surface deform in the different phases of the corner...
  4. This might well be the first time that I see a forum post with quotations... Proper job here @ManicKodo! I don't know much about physics design in games, but I have this feeling that the issues the DiRT Rally are inherent to its "simplified" two-point vehicle simulation, but not because it's an inherently bad system. As you said, it has been used in many racing games over the years and good developers, with some "art", have managed to get very convincing car handling out of it. The problem in the DiRT series is that it has to deal with two very different surfaces, tarmac and g
  5. Couldn't agree more. Enough years have passed that the memory of Group B has trascended into legend and all the not-so-spectacular sides have been forgotten. I would love to know how many of those that glorify those days were actually around to see them... I surely wasn't 😅
  6. The thing about Group B cars isn't about stage times. In my opinion, that class is held as high because it was faster than what its era (as in safety, technology, crowds) allowed. This is fascinating for many fans because it is perceived as the ultimate challenge for those "heroic" drivers, but I don't think anyone would actually like it if such dangers returned to the sport
  7. If the FIA organizes some sort of championship where the old WRC+ can compete, as they did in 2017 for the WRCars when the Plus cars arrived, then we'd surely see the non-hybrid cars in the game. I've heard that the FIA is indeed thinking about such a thing, so there is hope
  8. The aero will be simplified but, by looking at the Yaris prototype, I'd say there is still a fair amount of wings and downforce on the cars😂 I've read that the transmission will be simplified and there will be no active central differential, I'm interested to see how this will change how cars need to be driven Probably more similar to R5 cars, but with A LOT more power?
  9. The new Rally1 Yaris looks VERY GOOD, as far as I can tell behind that test livery. It will be interesting to see how the new class fares, compared to the WRC Plus... I think the weight will go up due to the hybrid and the new rollcage but I doubt we as spectators will notice We will get to drive those in a codemasters game, though😄
  10. Very well put together video! As you said, by the choice to use real life audio in the trailer we can expect to hear more... frankly not good sounds from WRC10
  11. I think the size of the "monstrosity" has to do with the fact that they need a pretty much 360° image AND two viewpoints to gather tridimensional data. I mean, if you need a decently stabilized high-definition image a GoPro will do the job without any tubes...
  12. This has its exact same energy...
  13. I agree and I have to say, I'll probably end up buying it... Most likely not on release date, but when the price drops I'll give it a good look I know it probably won't drive as good as DR2 on gravel, but what I've seen from the past few games is quite good to be honest
  14. Reminds me of an awesome flyby of Neuville a few years ago during Rally Catalunya. Truly on the limit, or maybe a bit further but he kept it together beautifully
  15. Some things never change. Crashing within a minute of the start in Scotland? Of course. By the way, I want random overanalyzing of this video just to find some Gossip... what is that map in the background?
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