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  1. 1 hour ago, Ultra3142 said:

    That doesn't meet the challenge criterion though. You need to get the fastest lap in 3 sessions not laps. If you look at the particular challenge it should show you the progress though, so it should now say 1/3 I think.

    (I've literally just completed the purple in Brazil challenge, by setting the fastest times in practice sessions 1, 2 and 3.)

    That challenge is also bugged... I have two out of three fastest laps already counted, I did a three laps race with Sergio Perez yesterday, won, did the fastest lap on lap 3 and crossed the line on 0% battery. I did not get the Monza achievement and neither the Battery one. I play on PS4 with a pad but I did not get some achievements even while playing with a wheel. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Ultra3142 said:

    What platforms are you playing on @Rango?

    (I've completed several of the Week 8 VIP challenges OK on PS4, including the George Russel one. From the first two posts this may be an issue specific to Steam or PC?)

    I can confirm this is not exclusive to PC as I tried to do the same, getting pole position and win in Mexico with George Russell, multiple times on PS4 and I never got the challenges.

    I also finished a race with 0% battery multiple times but that one didn't pop either, so it's not exclusive to Week 8.

    I am sure I was online and connected because I got the due XP for completing a race but I never got the XP for the challenges. 

  3. This isn't much of a Gossip, but I just wanted to really say thank you to the devs of this game. 

    For context, my good old pedal set from the Thrustmaster T300 recently did a Maverick Viñales: the brake pedal snapped in half as I was approaching Turn 1 in Hungary on F1 2020, therefore I've had to go back to my roots and play all racing games with a pad. 

    To my surprise, the only game which allows me to drive without making an utter fool of myself is the one that also offer the most stuff I could crash into: DiRT Rally 2.0

    I mean, in all the circuit racing games the worst thing I could manage to crash into is a barrier or my teammate, and I inevitably crash into one of them EACH RACE. DiRT, on the other hand, gives me a plethora of hard stuff to bend my car around, and still the gamepad controls are so good that I don't. Well, I don't crash more than I did with the wheel, that is. 

    This is all to say, thank you guys❤️

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  4. 39 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    Does look good...





    ...though I was expecting is to have something new to drive today!

    The Mk.8 Fiesta has always been a weird one for me, at least in its Rally versions... sometimes I really like them, sometimes I feel like there's something not quite right. Might be because I absolutely loved the Mk.7 Fiesta WRC post-facelift. 

    Although I have to say, the new Fiesta R5 looks a lot better than the current Fiesta WRC, might be the headlights. 

    I have a question though, do I need to have Playstation Plus to access the World Series? 

  5. On 6/3/2020 at 3:23 PM, tbtstt said:

    I find myself tearing through the landscape in Poland in pretty much anything. :classic_laugh:

    I find the Polish landscape to tear up pretty much anything I drive there. 

    Expecially front bumpers and radiators, but doors too sometimes

  6. 8 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Yeah, it isn't the greatest for manufacturer support at the moment but, that said, I absolutely love the current specification cars! Just imagine taking a current specification car on some of the DR2.0 stages...

    The current cars are MAD and I absolutely love them, I was mainly talking about the current state of the Championship. We must also consider that COVID-19 will surely not do well to the finances of teams and that in 2022 the current cars will be replaced by Rally1 cars that are supposed to be more economical but also less advanced. 

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  7. 23 hours ago, Rallycameraman said:

    Oh my, I had actually forgotten how it felt to read good news in 2020...

    Glad Codies finally get the recognition they deserve, the best rally games developers really deserve a shot at WRC!

    21 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Even if the WRC isn't in a great state, a Codemasters rally game with an expanded roster of historic 2.0L and 1.6L World Rally Cars is sure to be fantastic. 

    I wonder if the new title(s) will fall under the "DiRT Rally" banner, or be released as "WRC"? I guess the former if rally and rallycross are still to fall under the same title. 

    WRC isn't in its best state right now but there will be a rule change in 2022 with the hybrids coming in and potentially more manufacturers interested in the series (one can hope). 

    As for the title, I think that DiRT Rally is actually a better brand name than WRC in rally games so I guess they'll keep it in some sort of way because it is more appealing. After all, the two best rally games of the decade were called DiRT Rally. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, RallyDriven said:

    Dirt 2.3 and GRID were absolutely brilliant games for pick up and play. I had loads of friends that were not at all interested in racing games that would play them all the time. We used to have a blast playing them, particularly the party modes on Dirt 3 and demolition derby on grid

    Exactly. DiRT Rally 2.0 is by far the best rally game I've ever played, but it isn't exactly pick-up-and-play. On the other hand, older DiRT games like 2/3 are a lot of fun with friends because they're immensely easier to play (mainly due to the wider and easier stages I'd say) and everyone can have fun.

  9. 1 hour ago, RodgerDavies said:

    Reverse stages will be interesting

    I'm very disappointed. How are we expected to tackle stages that are going uphill with marbles? 

    All DiRT games don't have enough stages, if we can only race downhill the mileage is SOOO poor... No buy 4 me. 

    Also, will it have VR? We're in 2020, it is UNACCEPTABLE that you would release such a game without giving the players a fully immersive experience. I NEED to be able to wear a headset while playing, rolling along the marble until I get seasick on my couch!

  10. 40 minutes ago, ianism said:

    there's a limit of 8 setup slots for each surface type, which is a bit annoying. for RX there's not enough for all the tracks either.


    in other news, I started the group a weekly event in scotland just now. first stage I was slow, but on the next two I got overconfident. it didn't go so well:

    but I loved every second of it. these roads are awesome.


    Scotland has immediately taken the spot of wrecking yard from Finland, at least for me. The margin for error in those stages is NON-EXISTENT. It must be so satisfying to get a stage right, I imagine (I have no clue because I keep sending it into a tree)

  11. Okay, driving in Scotland is BEYOND scary. There are so many things I can crash into that my mind gets confused and can't choose which is the most dangerous and imminent obstacle into which I could crash. Needless to say, this actually does cause me to crash into the nearest log/ditch/rock/tree/log-pile available. And there are A LOT in those stages... 

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  12. 17,570 GB update will be quickly downloaded by my connection in 56 hours approximately. I love my internet connection. It still somehow manages to work when I'm watching lessons online even though I'm falling asleep, but the Impreza S4 it can't download. 

  13. 7 hours ago, dani211212 said:

    After sleepless night, i  think i cracked the code. How to licence more Cars per one model..


    May i Ask @PJTierney If You could ask lovely Mandy Fairbrother (didn't find her profile on forum) , when for next game licence, is there chance she could do this?

    example : let say we use Ford Focus Mk1, She could licence Focus Mk1 with tree different spoiler pack (its technical one model with tree different appearance, it can be treat almost as livery. when you do livery licence, just add the other two models between pictures of liveries to licence, So basically one licence = 3 Cars)

    this is let call it Focus RS Rally Mk1, 


    this is the Focus RS Rally Mk1 evo , after one season driving in career mode, you unlock evo 


    after season 2 with Ford Focus in Career mode, you unlock  Focus RS Rally Mk1 ultimate evo



    this could apply to more Car models..

    The 03-04 Focus WRC was a vastly different project compared to the previous model so I don't think they would license it as the exact same car. Ok, the base still was the same generation of Focus but internally there was a lot of work done

  14. The thing with snow stages is, the general layout of the stage stays the same but the width and even the severity of the corners depend on how much snow is outside of the road and how the road has been dug into the snow. In recent years the WRC has seen less snow in Sweden and this made the stages wider and faster than those in DR2, at least in my opinion

  15. On 3/13/2020 at 9:44 AM, PJTierney said:

    The Legacy and the Impreza show up in the Scenario Spotlight series. In fact, the Legacy video is this evening.


    This is a delicate and evolving matter that I don't have the complete info on, or the confidence to say anything on just yet.

    Unless @dirtgame says otherwise, assume everything is going ahead as planned.

    I hope it releases as planned as staying at home and playing it is one of the few things I'm still allowed to do... I live in Northern Italy. 

    I mean, I'd stay at home anyways but having two new SUBARUs to play is definitely a pro

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  16. On 3/3/2020 at 5:55 PM, PJTierney said:

    I don't know regarding that one.



    Is that a drone chasing the Focus in the top left?


    Image result for hmm interesting gif

    JEN'S BACK! 


    32 minutes ago, cafe5150 said:

    Don't talk to Toyota about restrictors, bit of a touchy subject there #1995cheat 🤔

    To be fair to them, the restrictor actually WAS 34mm in diameter. It just happened to move about a bit while in the car...

  17. 2 hours ago, tbtstt said:


    Were Group B cars dangerous and difficult to drive? Absolutely...

    ...are modern WRCars a LOT easier to drive? I think it is fair to say that they are more accessible/usable in amateur hands, but to win at the top level I don't believe they require any less skill than the Group B cars did. Has the skill set required to win at the top level changed? I think so and I would say that modern events are very different to those in the 80's. But look at what is expected of the modern driver versus those in Group B (and earlier). A successful Group B era driver would struggle now in the same way that an existing WRC driver would no doubt struggle back then. And look at how close the events are now. Wins are decided by seconds, not minutes. There is little margin for error and the cars continue to get quicker. 


    The gap between Henri Toivonen and Timo Salonen, first and second place in the 1986 Montecarlo Rally, was 4 minutes and 4 seconds. Third place Hannu Mikkola 3 minutes further behind. 

    2020 Montecarlo Rally, Neuville won by 12.6 seconds over Ogier, who edged out Evans by 1.7 seconds. 

    The new WRCars may not be as raw as the Gr.B, but they require so much more precision and pure speed to win a rally that I don't think they're easier. They require different skills 

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  18. 16 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a celeb crush on Aniston.

    The fact that you even THOUGHT to be the only one with a celeb crush on Aniston amazes me. 


    (besides, I never thought I'd see Friends' GIFS in the Gossip Thread but I guess nothing is impossible here) 

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  19. 12 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Spot on. In several respects I find DR2.0 "easier" than DR1: because the behaviour of the cars is more consistent and, in my personal opinion, more realistic. 

    Some of the collision and jump physics in DR1 seemed well off at times. 

    THIS. DR2 is definitely easier than its predecessor, but it is so because the handling has become a lot more predictable when the wheels are lifted off the ground or the car hits something. It feels as if the cars now have weight, as they should do

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  20. 1 hour ago, kombajnkoszoncy said:

    The only thing I want from 'DiRT Rally 3' is the handling, which is more like the one in 'DiRT Rally (1)'. If the handling is again like in 'DiRT Rally 2.0', I will probably not buy the next game. Or at least not at day one.

    I actually think the handling has improved in DR2, what do you feel was a step back from DR1? 

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  21. 4 hours ago, RallyDriven said:

    Yeah I saw the video earlier, a little bit  optimistic on the speed for that corner! Hope they can get back out for the next one and get some good results in, they deserve it!

    The studded tyres are losing all the spikes while they run on gravel so when they get to the more icy/snowy sections (as that one seemed to be) they have very low grip. This could be another reason 

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  22. 9 hours ago, Tigron said:

    I agree that it is enough beating dead house of Ego Engine. It really did it's best in Dirt Rally 2015 and could not handle Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 very well. But, if I were a developer, I would take a little pause right now. Let electronic market get calm a little. Intel is loosing their market to AMD. Chip compacting is in the dead end for now, so productivity will grow by multi-threading. NVIDIA brought ray tracing to the market, but we have not seen AMD answer yet. New generation of consoles are coming. Let alone other political and economical issues that will affect effective demand globally. So, instead of jumping straight into development, I would do some preparation work like acquiring licenses, new technologies and team that can work with it. Scanning some new tracks and cars. Developing game concept and mechanics. It is a huge work by itself.

    The haze in Finland is the ultimate sign that the EGO engine is currently pushed beyond its limits... 

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