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  1. Omiley

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    I don't know how I feel about this. PCARS 2 was great despite some glaring issues. Seemed to me that SMS was doing well. Why sell something you started from scratch with community feedback ? I could be wrong about them doing well. Expectations for something great to come from this acquisition are low following GRID. I suggest we all sit back and wait to see what becomes of this. I for one will not waste time hoping something special happens. Diversify your games rotation and if they manage to pull something off Im there.
  2. Omiley

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Very nice, once this is implemented it will give you guys some breathing room to work on other issues. One step at a time guys.
  3. This feature cannot be stated enough for its importance. A solid multiplayer experience can give devs enough time to deal with other issues. Players are willing to deal with technical difficulties as long as the online is good. We have to convince the devs to put this issue at the top of the list even over future DLC. New cars and tracks are not enough when no one is playing cause the multiplayer is poor. I, like many others bought the UE of GRID, an although progress was made Im dissapointed so far.
  4. Hey @CordedQuill42, you as well. Indeed it seems this issue has been noticed by them, but we have to convince them to put this above all else.
  5. I really hope you guys took the Lobby System feedback under serious advisement. Though the new content will be welcomed, it wont be enough to rally players around the game. Even if Season 2's content has to be delayed, difficult choices are needed if CM wants to right the ship at this point.
  6. Omiley

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    I'm thinking this as the most probable factor. If this is the case then the game should have been delayed til Dec. If they are able to recover from this and continue the GRID series I really hope they learned their lesson about cutting back on vital features in order to meet a deadline. Multiplayer carries games way pass their usual hours of play, this more then anything else should be a primary focus for devs.
  7. Omiley

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    There are certain features that once introduced into the gaming realm you can never go back. Even if CM created the perfect matchmatching system does not offset the attraction of having options. You may log on and feel like doing GT races at the moment, or Touring etc. The lobby feature is a must in gaming in terms of multiplayer. Im sure you guys at CM know this to be true. For whatever reason this feature was left out and now that the community in an uproar is that mistake being reviewed. Estimates of an early 2020 release may be too late at this point. The damage has been done, especially for those who preordered the ultimate edition. I said all that to ask this question, Why was this important feature left out ???
  8. This is a guide to increase lap times and overall control with assists turned OFF. First you'll need to navigate to Big Picture Mode via steam (View/BigPictureMode). From there go to settings/controller settings and enable your controller. Once you have that done heres a video to explain the rest. I hope this helps those who are struggling, see you on the track
  9. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Damn, good job man. Im trying hard to get it back lol.
  10. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Thanks, hope you beat it so I can try harder 🙂
  11. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Sorry, I meant 1:47.1 for Barcelona-Memorial Run in TC-2
  12. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hey @cpcdem I beat your time just now, 1:27.1! Really enjoying the game so far.
  13. Duly noted, really appreciate the response and effort you guys have been putting in. That's enough to reassure the online experience will be fair and competitive.
  14. Yeah they mentioned Esports briefly in an interview but not much after that. How that ties into racenet is going to interesting to say the least.
  15. Driver Safety Rating - Does this actually group individuals together according to their rating ? Racenet Points - Have measures been taken to ensure points cant be exploited (grinding against A.I) ? Car Tier Balance - Are the cars evenly balanced with no clear favorite ? That's been a problem in GRID games thus far. Communication - Voip is to be expected, but there is a language barrier for most. Text chat would remedy this to some degree. Lobby Control - Will the host have the right to kick players or determined by voting ? These are most of the concerns for the online racing community, we're driven by competition not superficial things that have no impact on racing. I imagine these issues are more important since online multiplayer gives games longevity. Not to mention Esports.