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  1. This is a guide to increase lap times and overall control with assists turned OFF. First you'll need to navigate to Big Picture Mode via steam (View/BigPictureMode). From there go to settings/controller settings and enable your controller. Once you have that done heres a video to explain the rest. I hope this helps those who are struggling, see you on the track
  2. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Damn, good job man. Im trying hard to get it back lol.
  3. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Thanks, hope you beat it so I can try harder 🙂
  4. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Sorry, I meant 1:47.1 for Barcelona-Memorial Run in TC-2
  5. Omiley

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hey @cpcdem I beat your time just now, 1:27.1! Really enjoying the game so far.
  6. Duly noted, really appreciate the response and effort you guys have been putting in. That's enough to reassure the online experience will be fair and competitive.
  7. Yeah they mentioned Esports briefly in an interview but not much after that. How that ties into racenet is going to interesting to say the least.
  8. Driver Safety Rating - Does this actually group individuals together according to their rating ? Racenet Points - Have measures been taken to ensure points cant be exploited (grinding against A.I) ? Car Tier Balance - Are the cars evenly balanced with no clear favorite ? That's been a problem in GRID games thus far. Communication - Voip is to be expected, but there is a language barrier for most. Text chat would remedy this to some degree. Lobby Control - Will the host have the right to kick players or determined by voting ? These are most of the concerns for the online racing community, we're driven by competition not superficial things that have no impact on racing. I imagine these issues are more important since online multiplayer gives games longevity. Not to mention Esports.
  9. Omiley

    Grid ultimate edition

    Season 1 is Hot Hatch Showdown - 4 new cars/30 new events Season 2 is Track Day Hypercars - 4 new cars/30 new events Season 3 is Track Day GT - 4 new cars/30 new events
  10. Omiley

    Game Development Vs Gamer Critique

    Heres a valid point I'd like developers to consider. Suggestions from the community are great and all, but a better understanding of what is feasibly possible would be better. To clarify, there are certain features or changes that some people want but would require a significant amount of "core" code to be rewritten. For example, I would prefer a livery tool instead of premade liveries, even if it's just a rudimentary tool with basic options. In order for them to accomplish that this late in development doesn't seem likely. There is a limit to what they can actually change in a timely manner or without running over budget. A good forum practice would be to take in suggestions, and list what is doable or not. Maybe the next GRID will debut a livery tool.
  11. Omiley

    GRID Essentials - 'Get Your Heart' Racing Trailer

    First off, I'm a man not a boy. I work, have responsibilities and a family to worry about. You want to call me biased, that's fine. But keep that millennial dribble to yourself. You keep bringing up the 1 month issue, if I'm not mistaken that's how long the delay is. They must feel confident that issues will be resolved by then or the delay would be longer, alot can be accomplished in 30 days. 3 weeks left, show some patience.
  12. Omiley

    GRID Essentials - 'Get Your Heart' Racing Trailer

    Arrogance 101, so you work at CM ? And yet you're exactly the opposite. You've taken what been seen to heart and made premature judgments. Last time I checked reviews don't come out until release day. Everything til then is a demonstration.
  13. Omiley

    GRID Essentials - 'Get Your Heart' Racing Trailer

    Sigh, behind the scenes means you have no access to what CM is working on as regards to the game. As Chris stated "You sure about that?" insinuates that he knows and you are merely speculating. But let's get the heart of the issue, you're just impatient. A patient individual in this situation even being skeptical wouldn't assume anything is definitive at this point. Instead of restraining skeptical judgment until release day where you can actually give an accurate review, you want them end your doubts now and be rest assured to the contrary. They don't owe you nor I for that matter any explanations. 5 year hiatus and some of you can't even wait 3 more weeks.🤔
  14. Omiley

    GRID Essentials - 'Get Your Heart' Racing Trailer

    The arrogance displayed on these forums is astounding. Especially coming from individuals with most likely no experience behind the scenes. On a related note however, are new trailers coming showing what we can expect with online driver ratings as well as Racenet ? Alot of us are really interested in the changes (if any) with regards to these.
  15. Omiley

    GRID Essentials - Latest Gameplay Showcases

    Really appreciate the effort you guys have been making. I've had 1st hand experience to game developing so I understand what it takes to bring something to market. Can't wait to see everyone on the track.