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  1. When you ride, if you are ahead of the total time, the sectors are displayed in green even if you have not improved them. I think it would be better, as irl, if each sector was displayed independently, green=better, yellow=worse, purple=sector record. I find this misleading and not at all consistent.
  2. Yes ! But the video is from July 19th, perhaps there have been some changes since
  3. A French streamer, Hydro, interviewed a certain Dan from Codemasters, he would have told him that the tracks would be available in September and Hydro repeated it in two of his videos on Youtube The links of the videos, for those who understand French, https://youtu.be/ijaZcPpjNa4?t=185 https://youtu.be/rJ6EbnVVlXQ?t=420
  4. Congratulations on your work Ender0042! I never had anything like this on the game before. Thanks to you, I'm like a real pro now
  5. Hi ! In F2 Career Qualifying, after doing a flashback, the best time of the qualifications is transformed into a worse time and is downgraded
  6. The race stopped on the penultimate lap, I was 15th and I find myself 21st while I was on the first lap. All those who were in front of me, are now behind those who were behind me. Example: Before 1. 2. 3. "Me" 4. 5. After 4. 5. 1. 2. 3."Me"
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