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  1. Yeah. I do have faith that something is being worked on though and hopefully it will get resolved soon. It will make a big difference to the game, at least for me.
  2. I agree: it’s been an issue for a while now and if someone could at least give some kind of indication it would be greatly appreciated by everyone. I understand it’s hard but anything will help
  3. I have this issue as well, although for me I invested in the personel department and a season later my drivers stats have not changed. They are just the same as they were when they joined my team. The same goes for all other drivers: no ones stats have changed at all and it is just annoying after spending over 10 million in game dollars to try and get the stats to improve. This issue means that the free agents can never improve and be able to compete with the current f1 drivers
  4. I understand that solving this issue could take time but it would be nice to have an update every so often as to knowing what progress has been made. I’m sure lots of other people would like to know if this issue is going to take priority and be the main focus for the next update. Thanks
  5. Yes I am also having this issue and have reported it along with many other people. But it seems as if no one reads these posts as none of the admins reply and it seems impossible to get the problem fixed. So frustrating after spending so much in game money and seeing absolutely no effect whatsoever
  6. I also have this and believe it could be linked to some issue with driver stats from the most recent update. I sent a post about it in report and issue but it seems so difficult to grab anyone’s attention and get a resolution…
  7. I may as well also mention the fact that even though I have invested in the personnel department to make it spec 2, halfway through the second season of MyTeam none of the driver stats have changed or improved. This is quite frustrating after having spent quite a few bucks on those upgrades…
  8. Hello people. I am playing the MyTeam career mode and I noticed that pretty much all of the drivers have poor focus (red), and only one driver has medium focus (orange) who is Tsunoda with a focus of 65. Schumacher even has a focus of 25 and Raikkonnen a focus of 24. IMG_2207.MOV All of the free agents have good (green) focus however. Is this an issue, or just an extremely unlikely string of events? A detailed description of the issue. See above Report Code none Platform? PS4 Game-mode? MyTeam [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you k
  9. Actually, my question is more whether the TrueForce is compatible with F1 2021. Does anyone know, and if it isn’t are there any plans for it to be compatible in the future
  10. I don’t know what platform you are using, but when I first started on PS4 with my T150 pro I left all the settings on default and just went for it. I found the steering really difficult and wierd compared to F1 2019 which is the game I previously had. It was really sensitive on the turn in and understeery mid corner. But I kept going and got used to it, and now it just feels natural. Maybe if you tried for a bit longer you would just find that it gets easier and could be as a result of the new regulations for 2021 regarding downforce. I doubt this is much help as I have a completely different
  11. 66Moo

    Driver ratings

    I don’t have an answer for you but I do have the same thing in my game. One of the things that confuses me is that I invested in my personnel department and a few race weekends later on, nothing has changed on my second driver stats! Very confusing, and perhaps the system regarding driver ratings could be changed or cleaned up perhaps.
  12. Hello. I have seen on the forums that a list of wheels has been posted which are compatible, which included the Logitech G923. However, I went onto Amazon and in one of the FAQs the manufacturer replied that the G923 wheel was not currently compatible with f1 2021. I am on PS4 and it would be really helpful to clear this up before I decide to buy this wheel. Thank you for you help
  13. Actually, has anyone noticed or mentioned the last 2 corners of Abu Dhabi? I can keep up with AI on 95 for the whole lap, but in the last two corners of Yas Marina I lose so much time. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to provide video evidence, and it could be down to driver error but I definitely find I lost a lot of time to the AI in those two corners.
  14. Yes! I wanted to mention it but didn’t have the ability to provide evidence for it. But this is definitely one to be added to the list.
  15. Hi So I was playing the game as usual and since the new update the multifunction menu has popped up randomly showing me the page which shows car damage and tyre wear for no reason. I read in the patch notes that minor damage now causes the MFD to pop up but I had received no damage and was near no other cars or obstacles. My best guess is that it is deeming tyre wear as minor damage and this causes the MFD to pop up for this reason. It is a bit annoying to be honest, is there any way to stop this, and is any one else experiencing this issue? Thank you.
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