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  1. Just to say, Multiplayer as bad as ever. Stuck lobbies left right and centre. Seems more players now get the red X than before too.
  2. BOOOOOOOOM!! Get in! Bye bye Carlos Sainz you prat, it's been fun whilst it lasted. NOT. On ya bike Sainz son, I'm free at last in a few short hours. Bring. It. On.
  3. I feel your pain with this. I change my flag back before every multiplayer session. However if you can't connect to a lobby, or get the 'contacting online servers' screen freeze and have to reset game, suddenly you are Spanish again! So sick of it man.
  4. The other lobbies have the same issue but to a lesser degree, as they are less populated. Most players on 2021 are in the one of the preset lobbies. If you browse, the lobbies that are nearly full are always a preset lobby. It concerns me CM are asking questions about this. I automatically assumed such a huge issue was being sorted.
  5. Playstation exactly the same. The Devs should be aware of it already as all you have to do is pick Beginner or Experienced option and literally 50% of the time you come up against this issue. I feel your pain amigo.
  6. Also are times generally slower? My lap times seem to be down and just wondering whether it's set up related or just generally slower cars since update.
  7. Help please. So I see all the times have been deleted from time trial. Is this due to a change of handling and if so, have people been changing their set ups? I only play multiplayer and steal a decent set up I'm comfortable with from the top of the leaderboards. I have no idea what I'm doing changing it myself. To do this for all tracks is at least several hours work and I last did this in the 2 weeks after release. So my concern now is all my set ups are all out of date. Or is the change so minor that previous set ups are still going to be suitable? Advice would be appr
  8. The multiplayer is definitely broken. (PS5). I have played it most days since release and it's actually been worse after the 2 server shutdowns. The initial big problem was players not loading INTO the race after the lobby had ended. They have mostly fixed that with a timer that forces the race to start. However the exact same issue (I think) is affecting lobbies AFTER the race with players not loading back into the lobby and crashing the whole lobby. I think it's usually the host who causes the problem but not sure. This is causing a huge issue with the Beginner friendly an
  9. A detailed description of the issue. @BarryBL In the loading screen immediately after the lobby where all the players names are showing in the top right, very often one (or sometimes more) will not get a tick next to their name and will continue to show the circular loading icon. When this happens the lobby does not load. You will see other players recognise this and will leave the lobby to restart the game. The lobby only loads when the player (s) stuck loading, leaves the lobby and by this time the lobby is usually empty. This is very common and a huge frustration to all online
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