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  1. I use it for team radio and chat. Wouldn’t want to give up. Thanks to the external fan, I can currently play. Anyway, thanks for the tip.
  2. The fan of the T300 has only been running constantly since F1 2021. I didn’t know this function before. The problem also exists with permanently switched on the T300 fan. I always use steering wheel and a controller, because my headset is connected to the controller.
  3. I played Zandvoort yesterday morning. Grand Prix Modus. Without my extra fan: P1 13 Laps P2 15 Laps P3 2 Laps Q1 1 Lap Q2 2 Laps Q3 2 Laps Race 50%, after 11 laps the FFB hardly exists anymore. Game is not playable. In the evening I drove the exact same sessions with my extra fan. No problems with the FFB. I was able to finish the race. Definitely, F1 2021 is responsible for overheating the FFB engine on the T300. As already mentioned I drove with the same settings F1 2020 and never had a problem with FFB. And since I had not activated the fan mode of Thrustmaster.
  4. I installed an 80 mm fan above the FFB engine as an additional cooling. Since then, I’ve been able to play. I don’t have any problems in any other game, not even in F1 2020. I assume that a software error in the game causes the FFB engine to overheat and it then reduces the FFB to a minimum.
  5. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either. On each race weekend, the FFB breaks in after about 35 laps. It’s practically no longer there. In F1 2020 I didn’t have any problems with the same settings.
  6. FFB Thrustmaster Settings 75% and fan mode off. In Game FFB 100. I’ll try with Fan Mode On.
  7. Platform: PS4 Wheel Used: Thrustmaster T300 with Ferrari F1 Rim Game-modes played, in order: My Team Details on when the fade happened? Full Practice Session + Full Quali Session OK. FFB Issue after 10 Laps in 50% Race in Dutch GP. When I pause the game it is for 1 Lap again ok. Firmware and Drivers version: Firmware 33, Driver: Does this happen in every session regardless? I noticed it for the first time in the 11th race (All Races My Team: P full, Q full, R 50%).
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