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  1. Going off what’s been said about the esports build, it’s headed for October lol
  2. I wonder if they’ll even release a statement or anything on the matter, the amount of esports drivers and managers who have come out surely warrants an explanation. This game needs competition in the f1 world
  3. The same thing will happen though, this thread will be ignored and slowly drown into page 2 and we will repeat it same time next week. I just don’t understand their thinking to completely ignore people and then wipe out leagues that literally benefit their game.
  4. Dumbest comment of the lot, it’s nothing to do with entitlement. esports players have careers built off these games and doing something like this completely throws a spanner into the works, they also realise that 99% of the players are casuals and they understand that it’s pointless for it to be on one build only, they also play for fun so for them to come off the esports build and change handling model is going to mess with them with league racing. every consumer of a product is entitled when it comes to buying something that actually works and things that are accessible to eve
  5. Me waiting for this game to get fixed
  6. Games a joke lol, none of us have any idea what they doing, all we get is “we’re working on it” well what’s it?? The damage model that don’t exist? the cars that are outdated? the tracks that don’t exist? I presume it’ll get the standard, we are listening and understand yet not one of these things have been addressed. Pathetic
  7. Game fixed yet? Nope, what a surprise, I love paying for something unfinished. Sort it out, it’s genuinely humiliating that a company can’t even make the real realistic with real performance data when we’ve just a bunch of real races and are at the end of the summer break. Might aswell pretend I’m racing when the actual race is On this weekend, would feel a lot better then this game
  8. Unfortunately I am new, I got f1 2020 pretty late into its cycle and didn’t know exactly what to expect on a release of a new game. I get things like tracks need time because they’re completely new. But there’s some very simple things in this game that needs sorting. I’m still waiting to find out what happened to this lovely damage model we were all shown
  9. Cancel culture is thrown around so much. These are people who have paid 70 quid for a game which is full of bugs, not up to date in terms of performance and is essentially a beta program. If you’re happy to buy a product that isn’t finished then happy days but most of us weren’t
  10. They won’t care, already have our money
  11. What an absolute joke this game is. Who cares about breaking point now, update the cars, sort the ai out and work on Kurbs that yeet the car. don’t care if Casper is faster in chapter 8 of a glorified story mode
  12. While I understand it’s not an easy switch, we aren’t talking about a start up company with 500k in the bank, it’s a massive company that’s just had the rights taken over by EA, their resources will be limitless when it comes to situations like this. They literally made a next gen copy of this game in the same timeframe that they would to release. At the moment all this game is, is a glossed over f1 2020 with some fancy new sounds, AI that are able to drive on rails and an interface when they should have focused on the very thing that the game is for, racing. If you bought Fifa
  13. Literally makes 0 difference, work is easily done remotely and even then, most places haven’t had hard covid restrictions since early winter.
  14. The damage model that no longer exists, up to date car performance, the fact every time I play online I feel like I’ve hit myself on the head with a hammer
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