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  1. Thanks, didn't even think to press B 🙈 Yes it works, however I the erro message does still pop up everytime I go back to the main menu.
  2. Have done that 3 or 4 times, checked my internet connection both at my router and test on Xbox. Thought I'd try those options before commenting and wasting someone's time in here. Thanks for looking into it. I get the error screen as soon as the game loads.
  3. I have the same issue, was working perfectly fine last night. Loaded the game the this morning and get this issue straight away. Won't load any menu screens etc, have checked all the above suggestions and still not working. Edit: Forgot to include on Xbox One.
  4. My attempt at a livery. Not overly complicated or flashy. Wished we had more choices / freedom on console.
  5. Hi everyone, Recently purchased F1 2022, really enjoying it so far. Currently 3/4 of my way through S1 of My Team. Playing on an Xbox One with controller, however I'm already looking at sim setups. Few photos of my car below, I'm no expert but will hopefully improve as I go. Thanks for the pinned video, I found it really useful.
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