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  1. I am trying the mod Meza994 mentioned in his post few posts above and so far it works. Im playing My Team with it (s1) so i did not test all tracks but so far (Hungary) it works for seemingly all problems with cornering speed. There might still be things i have not noticed or not yet reached but so far its good.
  2. I will give the TT setups a try, but when i tried them at Spain and Hungary the rear end felt too unstable for me. Generally i prefer setups that do not understeer but have stable-ish rear end. In the end, i allways in these games try to match the ai to my skill level where im equal or slightly worse than top level teammate to keep the game challenging but still fun. I also tend to use light touches to brakes to help with turning in med to slow corners, i did not do that as much in 2020 as i do now.
  3. It for some reason worked for me. Instead of loosing 0.8 to 1.5 s i was finaly where i was at 2020 at 97 to 100 difficulty. In all sectors i was at the same performance with the ai more or less. I like to make it feel real. I really hate when youre slower in one sector but equall it out by being faster in others, feels so unrealistic. I ran wings 6f 5r. Also i had to be way more creative with the gas pedal than in 2020.
  4. Also: it seems that using the same setup for cars at top/bottom performance may not work as good as it did in 2020 (at least for me).
  5. Hello again. As stated in my previous post, i had trouble with the ai in the race session (practice and quali was fine). But the fact that larger youtubers who focus on F1 2021 did not mention anything kept nagging me so i kept trying different approaches. Basically i tried to reset myself to avoid doing what i did in F1 2020. And the result: It may (for now, i only focused on Spa) not be the ai at all. Before, at 94 difficulty, the ai kept destroying me from the start of the race. The car just felt so heavy, understeery and generaly weird when full of fuel. I ran a setup from
  6. Hello. Sorry for my broken english. So i have been experiencing these same issues and decided to focus on Spa to better understand what is happening. Mercedes/GP mode/94 difficulty (much lower than in 2020 but i like the new agressivenes of the ai so hey, why not) At first, the AI kept pulling 1s in 2nd sector on me easily, i just could not take Pouhon as fast as they did. So i kept fiddling with my setup, i disabled internal carcas temps, simple dmg model (for some reason Spa keeps destroying my underbody and i cant tell where or why even with high car + the bugged
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