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  1. Forgot about ride height on this track. Brake bias is 100/56 in this preset to high imo Also change your rear tire pressures, go all the way to the right.
  2. What assist are you using? My feeling on this is you got caught in the middle of the 1.12 handling update, change your brake bias to 50 and let us know what happens.
  3. Thanks, I was thinking ya could lower pressure on hards and med to increase their competitiveness. Be a balancing act to be sure though!
  4. Can you change tire pressures when you change tires in a race? I honestly don't know...anybody know?
  5. There has been an update have you rechecked your auto save?
  6. Marcel Kiefer in his 2021 settings vid you can see he has a Tobii.
  7. Dont let him kid ya.....he's got OLDTIMERSšŸ˜
  8. Sorry, I must of missed something in the translation Is this your 1st time through? At the end of your 10th season the game just ends no cut scene or anything and you cant see any data for your team. Just the way the game is.
  9. Check to see if auto save is on! Homepage...game options. My thinking is if it didn't save you should be able to restart at the last save point. Good luck!
  10. With your regular set up 1...Try 95/60 diff 2...100/50 bb 3...rear tire pressure 1 click left 4...steering saturation set to 1 This should help you get close, if your still need more go to 51 bb 1st before you change off diff
  11. Unfortunately I'm on xbox and know very little about PC hopefully someone who knows more will show up. Good luck!
  12. Is it possible they raised these values to keep us from just lowering ride height to compensate for drag?
  13. Lots of ppl are complaining about handling after the patch with tons of understeer.. No clue about that So now ya have a clue?
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