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  1. It pops up when you have 20% 40% etc tyre wear by design
  2. So far its seems to be fixed for offline for the new patch. I havent done an online race yet so i will find out soon
  3. Exactly. The game is basically unplayable at times and i dont think the devs have had a look at it yet
  4. Video of it happening not on the track. Same issue Error code : EBCE-HSEH-JKJA-GTEG BemusedOrb87906_F12021_20210807_05-30-52.mp4
  5. Yeah i am experiencing the same thing. It is somewhat bearable in practice and qualifying but once it gets to race its all the time and its so bad the steering becomes choppy along with the audio
  6. Description: The issue in question is a audio bug that i have experienced. The audio cuts in and out for about 10-15sec each time. You can't hear Jeff or the engine. While this is happening the steering gets laggy/choppy as well. It happens a lot more during a race instead of practice and qualifying. It hardly happens while offline or not in a Xbox party. Report code: PSPA-XEAR-VSDE-GMEG Platform: Xbox one Game mode: Co-op career but the bug happens in most game modes even on the home menu Players: 1 other player. They don't have a forum username and they don't have th
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