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  1. This problem has been raised by several players since the middle of July, so sadly I wouldn't get your hopes up on having it fixed.... Perhaps you can upload your saved game file as you're on PC.
  2. @BarryBL Thanks for the reply, that's unfortunate that the bug cannot be replicated. I reached out to @ayz1through private message last month but they have not read it. As you might imagine, after spending significant hours on Season 1 of My Team, starting a completely new save is not something that I, and I imagine most others, would want to do, especially with the uncertainty if it will happen again. @Maxhyt You were one of the first people to report this problem on PC. Do you have any way to upload a save file?
  3. @BarryBL I noticed that you've unpinned this topic. Are you able to give any update about this bug? Whether it's likely if it can or cannot be fixed? Whether you have no idea? Just something, anything, even if it's not a positive update. Although I have no means of submitting a saved game, I followed the bug report format in the correct manner and I have remained polite and professional in my posts. A simple response would be highly appreciated.
  4. @BarryBL @Hoo Any update on this? It would be great to get some confirmation whether... (1) the developers have been able to recreate the bug or not? (based on the steps people outlined above that seemed to cause the problem) (2) whether it's likely or unlikely that the bug can be fixed? and whether this would allow the option of adding a primary sponsor to the current save file? I realise it's only affected a small number of people, but it's a bug all the same, and sitting in limbo for nearly 6 weeks isn't enjoyable. A simple confirmation would be highly appreciated s
  5. @ayz1 As you're on PC, are you able to provide your save game file? We appear to have the exact same problem. In another thread, some instructions were given to do this, see below: PC: · Browse to where Steam is installed, usually this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam · Browse to \userdata\xxxxxxxxx\ (where the x’s are your unique user ID) · Right click on the 1134570 folder (this is your F1 2021 save) and select Send To -> Compressed (zipped) folder · Make sure you add this to your completed bug report
  6. @BarryBLI'm wondering if you've been able to (or attempted to) reproduce this bug? While I understand that a saved game file would assist, it's not so simple as "attaching the save game file" - only certain extended storage is compatible with PS5 and any storage also needs to be reformatted first - I don't have the ability to do this right now unless I buy a brand new external drive. @KossovardYou're on PC - are you able to upload your saved game file? @BarryBL- can you give explicit instructions for uploading a PC save file?
  7. Hi Barry, @BarryBL At this stage I'm unfortunately unable to attach the save game file. The PS5 is only compatible with USB extended storage that is at least 250GB and is SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps. I don't own any external drive that meets these requirements and it's a lot of money to buy a new one just for this. @Kossovard and @vincenzo19 - how about you? I tried outlining the procedure I went through between S1/S2 - as mentioned I went to the PS Home screen and closed the game when I made the wrong new season track selection choice. I may have done the same at the end of S1 when I clic
  8. A detailed description of the issue: I am at the beginning of Season 2 of My Team and have the following problems: I was not given the option to change/confirm my engine or primary sponsor between seasons. At the beginning of Season 2 I have NO primary sponsor and NO ABILITY to add a primary sponsor. My team name has disappeared and the team colours have reset to default. Attempting to change some of the customisation options results in the game crashing. This issue has already been raised by several others and on Reddit but h
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