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  1. Thanks for suggestions. Weird thing about clutch was that is was working fine until suddenly it wasn't. Perhaps it was a game update. I'll likely delete save data and try starting over.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Badmayhem. I just tried clearing cache on PS5, but sadly that did not help--same issues with "terminal crash" in Austria and clutch not working at race starts.
  3. PS5, Logitech G29. Purchsed F1 2021 shortly after it came out. At first all seemed fine but gradually bugs have emerged that are making it unplayable. 1) Stuck in Braking Point. Others have had same problem. After switching from TT back into Braking Point, chapter 13, I became simply "Player One" with the car I was using in TT. Game leaves me in race in Russia with a gap of 42 seconds to nearest car, making it impossible to complete the objective in remaining laps. As I noted, others have had same problem. 2) Stuck in Career Mode. As I commented elsewhere in the forum, I got as far a
  4. PS5 with Logitech G29. I have repeatedly experienced my car suddenly crashing terminally (or the crash screen simply coming on) for no apparent reason, while driving straight down the track. This has only happened to me while in a practice session of a Grand Prix in Career Mode. Extremely annoying as a terminal crash causes me to loose ALL Progress in the practice session. This has happened multiple times in several races. In fact just happened again. Lost ENTIRE SESSION. As soon as my flying lap started, the crash screen just came on with race director saying, "that was nasty crash." Only opt
  5. The very same thing happened to me. After going from a time trial back to Braking Point my car changed (to the one I used in the TT) and my name became ONE. I cannot continue past chapter 13 because, as you also experienced, I start at P-16. I then pass the car in P3 (which apparently has lapped me). I set the fatest time but there is no possibility of reaching P-10. I have no way of continuing with story mode.
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