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  1. Does anyone know how long the time is from 1 podium pass ending to the next 1 starting? I’ve done a bit of working out and presuming it’s a week from 1 ending to the next 1 starting. So PP1 started 13th July and runs for 57 days(8 weeks). If there’s a 1 week wait for PP2 that would mean PP2 begins 14th Sept. That would make it the 3rd week of September and possible release of tracks as being speculated.
  2. An idea I’ve thinking about for a while now is more customisation of the My Team Car. At the minute we’re stuck with the generic FOM car. After a while it gets pretty boring and bland to look at. A few extra customisation options could be: -Front Nose Cones. There are 4 very different designs on the grid currently.(Mercedes, Redbull, Ferrari, Alpine) -Fins on Monocoque. Again there a few different designs. (Mercedes, Ferrari) -Engine Covers. There’s multiple engine cover designs. Some have a small bump along the side like Mercedes/Aston Martin. The Renaults have the huge bu
  3. So codies build Imola and Portugal in 2020 because they wanted to add them as DLC for 2021 game, then they get added to official calendar so codies decide to leave them out of the release of the official 2021 game to continue will original plan of dlc. If codies wanted a tracks DLC for 2021 why not add them 2 from the start (as their finished) and work on Jeddah and turkey for a dlc? adding tracks when a new podium pass begins is more than likely. I don’t think it gonna be in the next pass but with achievements and knowing codies they’ll add special items in the shop to get more money of us. A
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