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  1. I can't get refund via Microsoft as bought code from 3rd party and cant get that refunded as its been redeemed. Now over 5 weeks since release and cant play it. What a joke - obviously just in minority of users so we are left with a broken game. I'm never buying a new game again.
  2. Been watching this thread for a while after my Series X shut off post race scene and it seems the game is still broken. Not risked playing it again and I've requested a refund from MS but not sure I'll get one being out of the two week window but never requested a refund in all my time with Xbox so fingers crossed. I think I'm more disappointed than anything as I was really looking forward to my first F1 game in years - more fool me I guess. Maybe I'll come back when its working but how a game can be released with such a bug is beyond me and would genuinely like to understand how this happe
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