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  1. Interesting, my occurred after the Singapore GP in season two.
  2. Mine happened while my 2nd driver still had a lot of time left on his contract, so doesn't appear to be related based on my experience.
  3. I just had this issue as well. Two minor sponsors of my team have goals of obtaining a certain amount of constructor championship points from the race -- I exceed both goals, and the screen confirmed that I had received more points than required, but I did not get any of the bonus money and it showed the goals as red (i.e., failed), even though the numbers in red clearly showed that the goals been exceeded.
  4. Ok, thanks. Glad it's not just me. Hope this multiplayer issue -- just being able to actually do a multiplayer race -- gets fixed soon.
  5. When I have a practice session, qualifying, or race that's going to be wet, I'm not sure how to adjust my usual setup for that track -- what tweaks do you all do to your normal track setup when it's wet? (For example, "adjust X by Y; adjust A by B; etc.) Any advice/tips greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. With a few rare exceptions (3 or 4 times over the last month, despite dozens of attempts), I have not been able to get into a multiplayer race at all -- whether it be "ranked play" or "social play." Either I get put into a lobby of an ongoing race and, when that race ends, get put into a lobby by myself, requiring me to start the whole process over again, or I just don't connect to a game. Is this a common issue for everyone as well? I'm on Xbox Series X (in NA) so I was wondering if it was just the lack of players online that is causing the issue. Typically, when searching for a multiplay
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