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  1. - Aston Martin safety car has been added to tracks where it is used in the real season - wow - so only on the tracks of the real season, i guess its a license thing - Tyre wear MFG pop up bug is fixed...good one.. - At least some 2 player career stuff has been fixed.. it would be awesome to have the option to restart a session in 2 player career right away.. - Some good fixes I have to say.. - Hope the graphic problems like the dots on the tyres will be removed soon. - Understeering in certain corners and unrealistic AI speed + (maybe the ice curbs won´t be any
  2. I watched it and it was terrible and just sad. I am waiting for the CM Fanboys to explain and protect this game what was the reason for this blamage... Same guys that tell you that the physics and curbs are awesome this year somehow 🥶 #rantoff Anyway, its a great league to watch and its entertaining but this event for Monza was quite a display of the state of f1 2021 at the moment. And i think they want to try it again today?
  3. I have checked everything. A friend of mine already had the same problem. And corrupted files or save data "gone" are not new to F1 2021. Its just annoying. I never had such problems at any game...
  4. For me the lastest patch deleted my SinglePlayerCareer Save.. it´s simply gone... Last 2 weeks are more or less deleted like they did never exist... Just checked it yesterday the first time after 1.08 This is the 2nd time now.. 1st time it deleted my 2 player career after the first patch and now my single career savings are gone... I just don´t get it...whats going on ? MyTeam Savings are still there... I immediately closed the game again...For me this game is dead.. Will come back again after they got their S*** together at CM. Its ridiculous...
  5. Everyone here has some very important points and topics and issues and opinions etc.. And its really nice to read this discussions and posts. I can relate to almost all of them. What is missing from CM at the moment in my opinion? --> More Community Management I played NBA2K for a long time - on a SEMI eSports Level and these games... DUDEEEE... I can tell you.. These games had some major game breaking bugs every year and the community was just furious and ****** about how the developers handled bug reports / patches / communication etc.. Fact is, that after some time they had m
  6. I haven´t seen any pro eSports player or high profile streamer who agrees that the kerbs are correct or great or ok.... Kerbs are the same problem as the bumps on some tracks... There was something that has been misdeveloped or I don´t know, can´t explain it in any way...some of the physics are just broken You can take it as a challenge etc.. but still no comparison to real F1... If you look at Suzuka and Vettels Pole this wouldn´t be possible in F1 2021... I agree that a lot of kerbs are ok, but there are deadly kerbs which are OP and unrealistic... STILL: Sounds crazy,
  7. @Venonz6602 Same here... those fast speed sectors are crazy difficult in comparison to the old games + AI flys through those corners... Reported on several topics, vids on you tube, even eSports drivers already pointed out this weird physique... @Ultra3142 Nice video, will try this today. Still hope Codies gonna balance this out with some patches.
  8. This was fixed or should have been fixed as per Patch 1.05. I had the same issues, but since the patch everything is okay (PS5). I just had to switch the settings one more time to Realistic Performance after the Patch and thats it.
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