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  1. I doubt if this is going to be added this game but, what about for the next one? Maybe even a double my team mode where the 2 players each manage a team each.
  2. well, what about a option to remove that last chicane in catalunya then, since i think that part of the track is already made in-game so i wouldn't be so hard to put a few barriers and change that part
  3. i know we will get some new tracks in a few months since it was literally shown to us as soon as we start the game but, how about the layout changes in those ones? or just because what about giving us a option to remove that final chicane in Catalunya (i know it does not reflect the real track if this is possible but it's a videogame, so why not?) cause i hate that chicane with a burning passion. Edit: ppl said here said CM already stated that this was gonna be postponed to the next game, i didn't knew about that my bad (but i still would like a option to remove that last chicane in Catal
  4. they fixed this in the last 1.06 update, but i think it could add a option to say in a small text box what got damaged (like, located above the car damage so i can know what wing i broke cause i cannot differ those green and the 0.00001% lighter green)
  5. imagine the coincidence of Williams getting prost and mclaren hiring Senna and they both battle for the championship in the later seasons of the my career mode, that would be fun to see
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