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  1. It's not the physics I don't like on tarmac, although there's always room for improvement, but more the FFB.
  2. Yes please, Codies. You know you want to!
  3. Talking of full send. https://twitter.com/OfficialWRC/status/1445086322423566338 😲
  4. Hey @PJTierney, as a Final Fantasy connoisseur which one would you recommend to start with?
  5. Yeah, it's the part of the Scotland location I pefer, probably because I'm just more familiar with it than with Newhouse Bridge and its variations. The forest section is amazing, both downhill and uphill in reverse. Jimmy feels like he's addicted to DR2.0 because he's got some perspective now after playing WRC10 😝 (no disrespect), but he said WRC10 has the better gravel physics. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this comment tbf. I haven't played it and it certainly can be fun, but I dare to say I highly doubt it. Edit: Btw, in that video PJ was in the chat and at around 1:03:3
  6. I think the question is whether a team is operational partner or a customer, e.g Chip Ganassi Racing ran the GTLM factory program for Ford in IMSA, it was a factory team under the CGR banner. Manthey Racing or Frikadelli Racing are long-time Porsche customer teams but they are factory backed. They get technical support and Porsche sends factory drivers to help them because if their cars win races it helps the Porsche brand, but it doesn't necessarily mean they're factory teams. Same thing with AF Corse and Ferrari.
  7. Doesn't really change the answer. Playing racing games might help to get a feeling for driving in general but practising in a real car on a parking lot or private property is the only way. If you get an EV you don't need to worry about the clutch 😛 and if there's a gasoline shortage like in the UK now, you have no issues powering your car while everyone gets upset ^^
  8. We already have rockets 🚀
  9. ...and it'll be powered by Frostbite. 🥶 The reason why throttle input isn't 100% like IRL is most likely because it hasn't been coded that way. That is probably because you don't really need it and because you can't code every aspect around racing into a racing game.
  10. It's pointless to argue. Millions of EVs are on streets around the world, fires and crashes are not the norm. Fires are harder to extinguish, people are being trained how to fight battery fires. Tech will get better, it is in manufacturer's own interest to make sure batteries are safe. The negativity makes no sense and is purely ideological.
  11. There certainly are pros and cons. Jason from EE made a short video about this topic.
  12. He's trying to make the wrong argument against EVs. Battery fires is one of the weakest points, really. There are some real challenges with EVs in the future that are much harder to solve than extinguishing fire. I feel like people are sick and tired of all the arguments.
  13. Everything that's flammable is a potential bomb. It's in the automotive industry's own interest to make sure the technology is safe. I think Tesla announced they found a new way to place the cells to improve cooling. Progress and innovation isn't going to stop here. I read that companies are exploring alternative materials like silicone e.g. Sure, a hose and some water isn't going to do the trick, one of your articles says that there are already training programs for first responders how to extinguish battery fires. Fortunately crashes and fires aren't the norm, a battery fire isn't goin
  14. Any fire can be extinguished. Fire needs oxygen to burn, if you take the oxygen away you have extinguished the fire. Of course there are special extinguishers for lithium-ion batteries. So to suggest it wouldn't be safe is wrong. If it wasn't safe to run an electric race car and if they couldn't guarantee the safety of all drivers there wouldn't be a series. Lithium-ion isn't going to be the solution forever. Pretty sure the technology will get cleaner and better and more efficient. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone tried the Lancia Delta S4 RX car. I think it is bugged or
  15. I know what he's saying, I just wanted to explain what that is 😛
  16. It's just an epic series for a good cause with epic teams and epic drivers. Abt, Andretti Autosport, Chip Ganassi Racing (they're driving with a flippin' Hummer) and Veloce are just a few names. Hamilton, Button and Rosberg do also have their teams. Absolute legends like Catie Munnings, Jamie Chadwick, Jutta Kleinschmidt, the Hansen brothers, Ekström, Kristofferson compete in this. Oh, and Sainz and Loeb. Not to forget one of the best commentators for this kind of racing series, Andrew Coley. I think it's anything but sad.
  17. A normal day in the finnish forests. ^^
  18. Last post about this topic: The thing is, those devs might be right with all they say about Frostbite, it might've contributed a tiny bit to the failure of those studios, but I think saying or suggesting it was the main or maybe even the only cause is a stretch and an oversimplification. Businesses are complicated and there might be many variables that are simply unknown to us. EA could have shuttered down half of those studios because shareholders aren't the most patient people in the world. We don't know. The people who make the decisions in their ivory towers might not give a f...flying fla
  19. Looks like they removed that massive rock (6:49) I destroyed so many radiators on. That rock certainly is one of the meanest rocks or objects you can find on a stage. There's another one a bit later in the stage that is quite dangerous, especially if you drive the reverse stage. It's so cool to recognise stages in real rally that you drove in the game. Edit: Didn't realise the video is from 2012. That rock came into play later then. On the Frostbite matter: To say a game - or in this case 13 games - failed because of the engine seems like an easy explanation for compli
  20. @SaltyEnfernoOh, nevermind The Scooby on top of the LB is proof, even if he'd have led by just 5 secs. I'll never understand what the point is in cheating.
  21. The guy probably found a shortcut. People are really creative in finding the game's vulnerabilities.
  22. Btw, I was not specifically referring to anyone with that line, I was generally speaking. I think we just disagree on the basics of communication. Whether or not something is true doesn't depend on the number of people agreeing on something. You can shout and complain as much as you want, FFB is a matter of personal preference. I personally liked the initial version of the FFB much more. It was quite light at first 'impact', yes, but I got used to it very soon, and I think it was Christina who said it came from the physics only, and you could feel it. It was light but it was pure. The FF
  23. There's no bickering. I have the impression that people often think disagreement or being straightforward is not polite or unfriendly or something. If you want to improve things you have to tackle issues. If someone says that Codies lied to us when they released Finland, that's not true. if someone says Codies are lazy and let people pay for the same old content, that's not true. People read this stuff and it spreads like a wild fire. I think that is a problem and that's why I think it is important to get the facts straight. Just another example: Currently 'interesting' nonsense is sprea
  24. I can assure you that it only looks like I'm defending DR 2.0. I'm basically just criticising the criticism, which is mostly superficial, inaccurate, completely exaggerated or just outright lies. It'd be much better for everyone if the way how we communicate and the culture around it would be based more on respect, fairness and maybe also facts. And no, opinion is not fact, and opinion is not objective. If you have a good and fair point, perfect. Let's discuss it, PJ will pass it on to the dev team and that contributes to improving the game. In such an environment the chance that some of
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