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  1. FEEDBACK ABOUT https://androidgram.com/f1-2021-error-codes-nd7-wd10054-fixes-workarounds/ It's the same thing. Didn't resolve my problem with error ND7. I wish we resolve this problem as soon as possible. If someone fixed it someway, please say me how. Thanks!
  2. FEEDBACK ABOUT Did everything but Port forwarding, I can't do it because I need to contact my internet provider, something I can't do on sunday. It doesn't resolved my problem. I still receive error ND7.
  3. Hello. I'm here trying to resolve a problem I have for a long time. When the game launched, I had a different error (NS7), which was corrected after a update. Now, I'm with error ND7. I didn't found any resolution for it, so I'm opening this topic again. A detailed description of the issue. When trying to join any online game, it says "Joining session" for a really long time and I can't connect, and if it does, I can't join the race. The error ND7 appear to me. The only exception it was if I get invited for a lobby (Invite only). Sometimes I don't receive any error, just fa
  4. fine, Ill do it right now. EDIT: im trying to upload these clips but my xbox cloud memory its full, so it will take sometime
  5. Im with the same problem as you, but with a difference. Sometimes I can enter on a online lobby, like now. (I entered a lobby, but i cant race, I just wait race results and nothing happens) But sometimes I pass the day trying to enter a lobby and I cant. I wish they solve this. I can send anything if it helps
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