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  1. I'm also experiencing the same thing, The only player with green focus are the free agents. In my team, I was currently at season 2 race 3. I had lvl 2 in all personnel factories (one of them is supposed to help with focus), I done every activity which promote 2nd driver focus. And still every race my second driver (Yuki) is loosing 4 focus. Like the last race was Monaco, he qualified 6th and finished 7th, he had 41 before the activities, then 42 after the focus related activity, but then I do the race (which he gets a good result) and he dropped to 38. I'm currently taking a br
  2. Please Fix the focus stat only going down despite investing in it in personnel + doing everything (activites and interviews) to make it go up
  3. I'm currently at Race 3 of season 2 in MyTeam. I have the same issue, every drivers are in the red, below 50. I use every settings (acclaim, cash flow and stuff like that) on default. And I do not use any assists and simulation damage and everything else turn on, on that front. (I don't think it changes anything to the issue, but rather mention it) I signed Yuki Tsunoda at the end of season 1. He had 45 focus. And I do everything to boost his focus, and it's dropping every weekend even while doing activities that should boost it. He even scored points on 1 of his 2 race yet. I e
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