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  1. still no fix ?!?!? are you serious??? look at the date !!!!!!! we spent money for this nice support ???? thats embarrassing ... we gave you everything you asked us and still zero help for us ..you guys are not even answering PM´s....embarrassing....
  2. good luck mate 😄 they are not even trying to help us ..... not even reading PM´s....absolutly nothing....
  3. BarryBL is not even reading my PMs... me and my buddy are still in that bugged season ... 0 help so far...
  4. Yooo my friend and me got bugged in a never ending coop career season without even races to drive ... RC=XJMK-HBBA-EROX-HTHE and my frirends code is =RGPR-AAVJ-TVJJ-CSBE PC CO-OP CAREER 2 Players = me and my friend I was the host lobby screenshot Ww tried to go back to lobby and start again but it got us still to the bugged season without races... my friend got disconnected while in qualifain for canada than we had to do the quali again and after that it shows us always 1 race ahead but we were still 1 race behind than we just continued till end
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