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  1. A detailed description of the issue. 2 challenges in the VIP week 5 are not working. The "Activity Investment" for earning a total of $2000 from activities. I've earned a lot more than that. I even started a new "My Team" to earn more on a clean slate and still hasn't logged on the VIP challenges. The second one is "Celebrating in Style" 3 podium finishes. I've finished on the podium into double figures since week 5 opened. I've won races, came second, third. I've done the same in short and standard length online play, and for some reason the counter is stuck at 1/3.
  2. ...act even more like idiots in races. Just witnessed the most ridiculous set of gold players I've ever seen. I say witness, because I got sandwiched and shoved off early on. Watching the rest of the race, it then happened to a couple of others. This is gold players against silver, not the other way around. So much for higher skill meaning better players. 🙄 My tolerance of the online part of this game was nearly running out anyway(**** lobbies!!) but honestly, what's the bleeding point of even trying to compete fairly?! Sure, I get my elbows out occasionally, but not disqualifying level s
  3. In one season of My team I signed Hamilton and Alonso replaced him at Merc. That was a total giggle. 😄
  4. Today I witnessed a joker win a race by banging 4 or 5 other racers off the track in turn, as each one dared to even pull alongside him, including me. I was knowingly taking the risk to go alongside to see if he intentionally did it to the others....he did and to me too. No penalties at all for any of the very obvious crashes and DNFs he caused. 🙄 Possibly more annoying than his behaviour(because this game attracts turds, a fact of life) was that his poor wifi signal meant his car was doing the semi-ghost shuffle the whole time...looked like an erratic granny on special brew behind the wh
  5. The idiots I came across yesterday at Belgium, did the old trick of wait till you're about to overtake on the Kemmel straight, or before the bus stop then brake way before the braking zone so you have nowhere to go except up their backside and lose your front wing. Don't get me started on being warned about a collision, when the person has run into you with no warning. Or being pushed off track and given a time penalty for it, even though you're a passenger and can't stop being pushed off the track with a numpty stuck up your rear end. Not a game to play unless you accept that onli
  6. OK, still no response from anyone. Am I invisible? 🙄 So although it seems completely irrelevant to the issue and is the same as many others have experienced the past week or so, here is the template report: A detailed description of the issue. On completing the weekly event, no points are awarded in any section. 2nd week running this has happened. Report Code Didn't see one for this on the results page as shown in my photo in the above post. Platform? PS4 Game-mode? Multi-player weekly event [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the player
  7. Played the weekly event today at Bahrain with Perez and yet again I didn't get any points, even though I passed the challenge. I had no reply to my previous posts last week so haven't a clue what's happening, when others were getting replies to their issue. I'm on PS4, played the weekly event as normal, no issue with internet connection, using controller, no flashbacks or pauses in game, just playing as normally. My PSN ID is: Epona18 Here's a screenshot of my results page.
  8. No one has replied to my issue, yet others with the same issue have had a developer reply. There isn't any more info I can add, besides being on the PS4, unable to get any points to register on the weekly event.
  9. As I posted on another person's thread, I'm also getting 0 points for everything in the weekly event. And the event before that my score mysteriously disappeared from the table. My platform is PS4. And there are no specific settings as all have resulted in me getting 0 points this week. No idea how to take or post a screen grab, but the results page looks identical to what others have posted with 0 in all categories despite successfully completing the event. My PSN ID is: Epona18
  10. The same thing is happening to me in the weekly event in Australia with Kimi this week. Doesn't matter what assists I choose I still end up with 0 for everything. I participated in the last weekly event in the USA but mysteriously my score disappeared from the table and I never got any trophy for it although I think it would have been 20-30% range. PSN ID: Epona18
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