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  1. What makes me thinking tho is that the essentials to the AI behaviour should be the same from 0-110 like leaving space, awareness of the the players car etc. The speed they go is of course different but in case (which is quite possible) Codemasters decided to make the AI behave different (potentially less aggressive etc.) on lower levels it explains a lot.. Seems like its the case but maybe theres more to it anyway, only Codemasters know haha
  2. Yeah just what i thought, its unfortunate those things happen more on e.g. your difficulty but it seems to be that way, with time you will get better and then the problems with the AI will become even less and till then you can give them more space when you know by now that they are happy to make mistakes😉
  3. The thing is that the AI was capable of doing it before and im not saying that they messed up the AI this year but the "technology" is already there its not a problem.. last year was better in terms of not running into the player.. Its not a question of how many years go on, its already in the game and been in last years game.. I think those things are very rare and possibly on lower AI, this is seen on here fairly often that players criticise the lower AI of doing more stupid stuff.. So probably very rare on higher AI and maybe even halfway frequent on lower AI? Just tested it.. on 102 A
  4. Dude chillout.. First i wasnt the one that posted it and second you are again getting it wrong, the driver in front NEVER has to avoid something as long as space is there.. I was referring with "run away" (in qoutation marks) to avoiding anything that could possibly happen by a missjudgement of the AI or whatever, it wasnt meant judgemental so relax, we are not on twitter here..
  5. As i said its rare (luckily) but it happens, as KNT2011 said, you have to be able to accept that haha but i guess thats the difference between you and me, i dont "run away" from a confrontation and expect the AI to leave space too (mostly because the did last games too) but its a perfectly fine way to give them more space than necessary, just not my kinda way😄
  6. The AI could be easily better even now, some things are not hard just a question of the approach but thats nothing i wanna discuss haha. The way you suggest a driver "should" behave is the way Alonso got overtaken by Stroll in Spain this year, i get where you are coming from but id rather squeeze the car on the inside, force him to brake earlier than me and then ill have still enough space to make the corner and will get a better exit anyway, but thats up to the driver and as long as space is left its all legal. I just dont get why you see any fault at the driver in front, the only thing that
  7. The goal is to make the AI behave like real drivers so why should i not compare it to real life? He went down the inside which would turn to the outside and kept his line! You dont need to look back, you can see the arrow and you can see the car in the left mirror and you can see how he spins out, by that you can make a fairly accurate guess on how far behind the AI was - not even half way alongside which is enough to give the AI space, which there was.. I dont know why you want him to take an extra wide line only to give even more space? When there is sufficient space for a car (there was) yo
  8. The move wasnt dont but he was much in front and went straight, he didnt turn left nor right, in real life you can expect the driver thats behind not to turn right to get more of the racing line. There was plenty of room on the left for the AI and one should expect the AI to adapt its line not force the car in front off the track by turning right. Its really not that hard and has a fairly recent counterpart in reallife with Räikkönen and Vettel in Austria when Vettel was not even as much in front and Räikkönen went to the right, guess who got a penalty
  9. Why are you accusing him of going accross? He held the line and the AI went accross.. The AI is usually reactive to where the player is and will instantly go off the line when you get close (this year less extreme), but this time it really acted as if the player wasnt there.. Criticism on the players ignoring them is fine but keep it on facts pls
  10. I have to disagree with you here, yes he had a bit space to the right but considering there was much more space to the left and he didnt turn left its not to blame on him, the AI just followed the racing line going into him.. In general you are right and it is probably often the case that the player is also at fault (or mostly), but in this instance its all the AI, following the racing line altho there is a car, ending with its front wing touching his rear wheel, in real life this would always be a penalty for the Haas
  11. Actually its not about the line but about how far alongside you are. If you are alongside like in your video both have to give space and cant force a driver off. That doesnt mean Stewards consistently punish this, in fact they rarely ever do it. But to have real racing, you need to do that otherwise you can always force a driver off the track only because you are either a tiny bit in front or on the better line
  12. In theory a fairly easy addition. but it would require first a perfectly programmed AI in terms of tyre wear, currently its at some tracks completely off of what players get, the race strategy calculation is required to be spot on with everything which is another big problem currently.. As long as those are not near perfect 2x, 3x and more will amplify the problems by quite a bit so that the AI would do 6 stops in Canada in a 100% race when the tyre wear is doubled
  13. To give you a little insight: yes about 85-100 degrees is 100% tyre grip, soft tires loose a little bit more grip when overheating than hard tires, but i agree that the window could be more extreme
  14. I think this has been in the game since like forever.. I believe even in 2015 when you set a rival he will perform better😄
  15. I dont really agree with you on the first part, while there are differences in the tracks to real life, these changes are mostly minor in nature, nothing like a completely different corner (im wondering why everybody rants about Spain lol) or even half the circuit like Australia.. Those changes are really a necessity but im pretty sure they will bring them. And i also think that they have the same people working on new tracks and maintaining old ones.. I dont think that everybody at Codemasters has the same talent at doing the AI training or creating the tracks physics wise or graphics wise. B
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