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  1. In Career Settings. Fault frequency needs to be set to Standard. Fault types set to high. If it is not set to high, you will not get mechanical failures.
  2. You are going faster, with more power, through the same turns. You will need to adjust your setups to get more grip to counter the extra speed and power. or think about it another way. If you were driving to the limits of the car before. Adding more power and speed will push you beyond the cars limits. You need to adjust your setup to increase the grip limits or slow down to not exceed the car’s limits.
  3. Fees are In the 6-7 figure range from what I have read in the past. And that is only for tracks have not already signed exclusive deals for other games or maybe have some contract that limits them from selling to CM. There are added complexities with licensing tracks individually that I’m sure could be dealt with. But, my point is, it is not as simple as sending a mail and getting best wishes from some local track manager. It is going take a serious investment each year to acquire additional tracks. I would certainly buy DLC to get the additional content. But it is not clear whether
  4. I’m sure it all comes down to licensing. No major track will allow their track to be used in a game for free. I assume the current year calendar is covered by the F1 license. Each additional track would need to be negotiated and paid for by CM/EA separately. Im sure this is something we all want but is not nearly as simple and easy as it sounds.
  5. Are you bottoming out? I have never tried this but am tempted to try a high rear downforce, soft suspension, 1-1 ride height setup to see if I can replicate this. Otherwise, I have never seen that happen.
  6. gatorlb


    I partially agree but your reasoning is not completely sound. There is a good explanation here. This same site also has some good ARB adjustment tips which I ignored in previous versions of this game but seem to be important in this years handing. https://virtualracingschool.com/academy/iracing-career-guide/setups/camber-toe/
  7. They reference a performance patch. That seems to mean performance adjustments (e.g. making a Red Bull faster and Haas slower). This is not the same as a complete handling rework.
  8. I’m curious what your on throttle diff setting was. I am suspicious that a very open diff will cause more traction issues when one where is on a curb.
  9. There is probably some set of consoles that are out of tolerance in some way. Im sure there are things you can do in software to avoid the vulnerability. For example not using certain instructions or changing the order or timing of certain instructions. That is why we are seeing some games patch and remove the issue. It is easier for devs to just work around the existing problem than replace hardware (happens all the time in my industry)
  10. I have a similar complaint. I had rain in FP1 so I used one set of intermediates. When I started FP 2 I noticed it returned my hard and medium tires. This left me with only 4 sets of softs for FP2 and FP3. Normally I would survive but needed to put in some extra laps to test some setups.
  11. The XB-SX overheating and shutting down is likely not a software issue. There are a lot of complaints about this online mentioning various games. There seems to be bad batches of Xbox consoles out there. Some threads mentioned they received replacement consoles from Microsoft and the issue was resolved, no more overheating with the new console.
  12. The part of your chart that shows +ve/-ve/neutral is correct. The other charts with numbers are not correct or the wrong direction. For example, the game does not allow a neutral camber. So the line should never be pointing vertical. min and max will both point inward / \ Min=-3.5 is more inward pointing that max=-2.5 because the angle is larger in magnitude (see your -ve picture above)
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