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  1. @DarthSonic I've just started again, it sucks massively doing a whole season again but I can't be bothered to wait for a proper answer or fix, I'll get bored and move on to a new game if that were the case 😂. Sorry to hear you've got this dreaded issue too.
  2. @BarryBL so should we just carry on playing the game, however I won't be getting any main sponsor money and don't have a clue which engine manufacturer I am currently with?? Just seems like I'll be at a loss that's all.
  3. Same issue on xbox. Decided to keep it on setting up for season 2 on the screen choice for engine manufacturer, sponsor etc. Turned xbox off, came back to it that night, file corrupted, rebotted game and it skipped that whole step and went to track choice. I think this is also due to quick resume on xbox messing things up, not the first time I've had issues with games that have built in quick resume.
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