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  1. still chrasing, this is a absolute joke. No words for the amateurs that created this game.
  2. Microsoft wont aknowledge my refund reqeust beacause i played the game (digital download) Yeah, how else would i know it chrashed so often its unplayable. . Only one person from codies here replaying. (nothing personal barry, you doing everthing you can i think). Minor bugs i can live with, but this is ridiculous.
  3. Anyone else having problem getting a refund from microfsoft? They denied my reqeust because the digital game was already "played". I told them it keeps crashing and the game is not playable in this state, so i want a refund.
  4. Practice session in spain, replay a shot, game chrashes. Where can i get my refund ?
  5. Same issue, bought the game yesterday, finished my team bahrein, went to replays en xbox froze. So patch didnt fix anything! If this is common, i want a refund ? Who tested this on Xbox >?
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