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  1. Spicey2

    F2 2021

    Not sure what's happening in the dry in Abu Dhabi but i can confirm that in wet tt the performance is the same and i finally managed to get the world record again in the wet and on the 2021 carlin
  2. Spicey2

    F2 2021

    Not sure on that as 20 players was the max allowed in F2 leagues that I've raced at.
  3. Spicey2

    F2 2021

    20 + 2 spectators
  4. Spicey2

    F2 2021

    It seems to have confused some of the cheaters as they must think the 2021 cars are much faster and then posted 4 second per lap faster times. But if the cars are the same then the abu dhabi dry tt times are bugged somehow as trying to match a previous time the new car is off by almost 4 seconds. I don't understand why we wouldn't just have a clean sheet in tt for the new cars regardless of them being the same performance
  5. Looking at it again it seems that the tt for 2020 is somehow copy pasted onto the 2021 tt
  6. Spicey2

    F2 2021

    TT Leaderboards have times set for 2021 F2 even though i haven't turned a wheel on any track yet.
  7. My first tt in F2 2021 i have time's set already even though i haven't even driven the car's yet So i went back to the 2020 f2 tt and those times are wrong too I held many world record's in tt and genuinely done wet and dry but their all wrong Yesterday for example i was neck and neck in Abu dhabi for the top time in the 2020 version but it now has the exact time as 2021 and those times are now 4ish seconds faster that what's possible in the new cars. The only people that have managed to set a new time who where also at the top of the leaderboard previous to today must b
  8. I'd be happy if they changed the release date back to august if it meant we were back to 2018 levels of game breaking bugs.
  9. As a disabled person on oxy where dizzy spells and sickness happen every few hours i agree theres a need for a disable option for camera shake
  10. I call it the magnetic effect ! I agree it needs to be turned down as its too aggressive and often feels like your being forced off the track and almost always ends up breaking the wing.
  11. Auto is the only setting that works for anything over 21:9 I often force custom rez of 3840 x 1080 on a 3840 x 2160 16:9 screen and get the equivalent of 32:9 by switching from 16:9 to auto in the games graphic settings. The game works out the aspect ratio itself very well. Hope this helps
  12. Trail braking is key Watch TRL Limitless on youtube and watch the brake bar and see how he never leaves off the brake until he hits his apexes Attack the curbs by hitting them with your front wheels rather than avoiding them. Keep your speed higher through corners by not over braking ( this is the hardest one)
  13. To whom it may concern Instead of asking to stop the cheats being able to go un-detected in online leagues because of modders loosing out ie f1 2019 first 6 months no cheats worked as far as the community could tell then an update after allowed modders to mod again but the major downside was cheaters were back. After f1 2020 where the cheats/trainers become as popular as the game it ruined the game so badly that most of us old timers that have been dedicated to the game and f1 in general have lost interest in trying to be competitive due to not knowing if our pace is good or bad.
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