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  1. Amelcfc

    Driver ratings

    I just hope in the next update all of this is resolved.
  2. Amelcfc

    Driver ratings

    I dont mind it. The only part that gets to me is wanting to have low rated drivers like mick as my teammate, but with his rating so low their is no way of him helping me with the points.
  3. Amelcfc

    Driver ratings

    Do you same the same issue with the driver ratings not chaning as well?
  4. Amelcfc

    Driver ratings

    This could have been it that i think about it. I have uninstalled the game deleted all my saved filed tried on another account but nothing has changed.
  5. Amelcfc

    Driver ratings

    This is so frustrating. Great game but so many things wrong with it.
  6. Amelcfc

    Driver ratings

    Ive played a full season of my team and no driver stats have changed for the other drivers. All drivers are still with the same overalls. Does anyone know if its a bug or the game is designed like this?
  7. Ive had the same thing happen to me after the first season 2 times. I think it has to do with closing the game down when doing the negotiations. In my first ever season i just went straight to signing a driver so didn't have the problem occur. But in the last 2 times I've constantly tried to sign particular drivers and noticed the error pop up.
  8. Ive had this happen to me the last 2 times after the first season. Unfortunately This game is unplayable atm.
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