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  1. I don't know where a have to post this, but I can't see my trophy from the Bahrein weekly event. I went to the multiplayer session. Check my superlicense And tried to add a trophy, but it saying that I don't have any trophy, but I finished the event below 40%. Could you help me please? Could you help me please
  2. I'm still having this issue, worked fine no points this week after completing challenge. Username: RICHARDRAUL Platform:Xbox One Game mode:multiplayer/weekly Report code: didn't grab one but completed two events this week and didn't get pts. Let me know if you need me to supply a code.
  3. Happened with me in Australia and Bahrein now. Could guys let us know what's going on please?
  4. I have completed the weekly event. First time I got my points. After the second time and have not gained any points for it despite saying I passed the objective. F1 2021 Plataforma Xbox One.
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