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  1. When you say "addressed", do you mean it has been fixed and is now live? Or that it's coming in a confirmed future update? If the former, then I didn't see evidence of it when I raced Zandvoort the other day.
  2. F1 2021 was my first step into the F1 series and I am really enjoying it. I am now mid-way through my second season and I am no starting to get relatively ok at the tracks (AI difficulty level at 80), however, because of this I am now starting to realise there is a huge discrepancy between the level of the AI among the tracks. For example, at AI 80 I can autowin tracks like Italy, Bahrain, Russia and Canada (unless I crash of course), whereas tracks like Australia, Zandvoort, Monaco, Japan, I can get hosed on because they can seemingly do some of the corners at speeds I simply cannot achi
  3. Nice research! Now wondering if it's not actually top speed that it impacts, but the acceleration to get to top speed?
  4. Lowering the rear suspension seemed to help when combined with lowering the differential. When would you use high versus low differential? Is high for traction out of tight corners, and low for traction round corners? I wish the in-game tips for these were far better than they are. They are far too vague.
  5. I have tried various options there as I can change that manually during a lap. Even if I lower it to 55% the back still seems to bottom out.
  6. Best examples are Abu Dhabi 2nd and 3rd, Belgium as you go up the hill, Silverstone and the USA. I continually have a problem with these high speed corners where you are supposed to be flat out according to circuit guides, but as soon as I try to do it my rear end comes away and I spin. It's really perplexing because the online setups/recommendations simply don't seem to work for me and my G920 wheel. On Abu Dhabi, my set up is as follows (taken largely from recommendations): Front Wing 9, Rear Wing 11 (I have tried every combo here, but it doesn't make any difference) Tran
  7. You want to set Steering Saturation to 80 for the G920 wheel.
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