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  1. I definitely seem to remember custom grids in the older games. Can't remember if it was within race mode or a seperate 'TV mode' type thing though where you could set up your own AI controlled races
  2. My bad completely, sarcasm never translates proper over text ha! Yeah agreed. Plus poor Hamilton has gotten one in each of my last 4 races pretty much handing the Championship to Bottas in my season. Most realistic part of my career so far has been Mazepin last every race!
  3. I can't remember a Formula 1 season in history where there are 7 grid penalties in 3 consecutive races, especially not recent seasons. So no, its not realistic One or two a race I get. But when you've got Williams and Haas cars starting P12 and above on a regular basis due to teams above getting grid penalties every race there's clearly a problem with how the game manages them.
  4. Grid penalties on this game seem to be a complete joke. I'm playing MyTeam and in season 1. For the past 3 races (Japan, USA, Mexico) I have been lifted up the grid 7 positions. It completely ruins the realism of things. We can't even see on the grid line up who has the penalties anymore. And because there are so many the final grid is always completely different to qualifying. Some drivers seem to drop 1 or 2 places and some drop 10. Do we know if there are any plans to change this with developers or not? Or can't we just get an option to toggle these on and off? This along w
  5. Yep I had the same thing. I like to do a full F2 season before starting the MyTeam mode. I usually sign whoever wins the F2 championship (or comes near the top) as my teammate. This years F2 is ridiculously boring. It nearly always just ends up with a DRS train of cars following eachother. I only saw overtakes on tracks like Spa where the main straight is super long, even then it was rare. I think it's a case of poor AI, the drivers being too closely matched in terms of their ratings, and all cars being the same because F2. Either way it felt like a slog to get through.
  6. Yep this happens to me too. I can understand maybe 1 or 2 a race max. But towards the end of season 1 in career I've been bumped up around 6 places due to the AI taking grid penalties. Super unrealistic
  7. This is probably due to the AI taking grid penalties for changing parts of their cars. Same way you would recieve a penalty for changing you gearbox/engine between sessions. Happens a lot especially in season 1 when every team seems to have poor durability. I've qualified 20th before and started the race around 14th due to AI taking grid penalties.
  8. I've had issues but with the DRS in wet weather but for different reasons. It's happened to me twice now on 50% races where it rains for the final 15 laps or so. My tyres have no grip in the wet but for some reason the AI go round like there is no problem. It seems the 'DRS disabled' mechanic which triggers AI cars to come into the pits for wets just doesn't trigger. Unsure if other people have had similar issues but yeah the wet races definitely need changing up.
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