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  1. None of this sounds like it’s going to fix the root problem people are having, and I believe they are all related despite people experiencing the issue in different ways. I highly doubt there are a bunch of different and unique bugs that are all effecting online play. Common sense would tell you everything is related to the same root cause. I don’t really have any confidence that the things being discussed are even going to fix this issue for most people.
  2. I wouldn’t hold your breath after 5 months of little no action or updates regarding this issue, and we’re lucky if @hoo replies once a month to this threat. This situation really just hard to fathom. Unfortunately I don’t have 20min a day to burn in this game knowing it’s not going to work. I work a job and run a business so I’m lucky to just pop on for 30min-hr a few nights a week before bed. It’s just not worth my time anymore to attempt to troubleshoot this unless codemasters wants to pay me to be their game tester and technician.
  3. I know right? It’s like these clowns have never designed a game before. This is some basic ****. Matchmaking is not a hard concept.
  4. Honestly you guys should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. It’s been nearly half a year and you’re not even a single step closer to solution and you keep asking us the same questions like it’s the players making some dumb error as opposed to the entire net code of this game needing to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. Not only that, but I see zero effort to to provide any sort of consolation to people who have payed full price for this game and can’t even play it. Congratulations on literally the most epic failure in the history of video games. Good luck recovering
  5. Unfortunately I think you’re wasting your breath. Codemasters clearly has 0 idea what is wrong with their game and are still playing dumb. It’s like they never actually hooked up an Xbox and tried to play it judging by how confused they are by everyone’s experience and acting like everything is fine. I truly think the fane is fundamentally broken and the way they coded it for Xbox is just 100% flawed so unless they redesign the game from the ground up, it’s never going to work. No patch is going to fix this game when the actual game itself is totally messed up. Honestly, if
  6. I’m sorry but at this point, I think codemasters needs to admit that they just totally didn’t code this game right and a simple patch or change of network settings isn’t going to fix it because the problem is rooted in base coding of the game. F1 2021 will forever be unplayable on Xbox. They totally ****** this up and just designed a completely broken net code that has no chance of working. Again, this could quite literally be the most epic failure by a game developer in the history of video games, so congratulations codemasters 👏🏻. I hope someone is getting fired over this, and hope
  7. I have a feeling it’s something ancillary like this and not an actual network issue which is why codemasters can’t find the problem in their tests. Their are essentially looking in the wrong place.
  8. Yeah same, it seems that the auto matchmaking can’t find lobbies or tries to put you in non-joinable lobbies. On just a few occasions I’ve gotten into a lobby but then when attempting to load the race, it jjst hangs in black screen until everyone just starts slowly quitting because we’re all stuck trying to load. I have never once gotten into a beginner race. I’m a brand new F1 player and while I’m decent, I kind of don’t want to have to be jumping right into ranked races which I also have not gotten to work but have admittedly not tried as much because it’s not what I’m actually i
  9. No not your fault, nobody on Xbox has been able to play online since release and there is no plans for a fix. So Xbox players are **** out of luck I’m afraid. their pretty never going to sell another Xbox copy of this franchise after what is quite literally the worst roll out of a game in gaming history.
  10. Yeah it’s not getting fixed. It’s basically an Xbox issue and codemasters doesn’t care because they’re already working on f12022 so the told us to go **** ourselves. Still debating on getting a refund from Microsoft.
  11. It’s not the patch. It’s been broken since release. The patch was pointless and fixed nothing. They keep telling us “well it should be fixed, it looks fine on our end 🤷‍♂️“. Meanwhile every Xbox player still can’t play this game. it’s a colossal failure. My guess is the fundamental design of the net code is just totally wrong and needs to be redesigned from the ground up, which a patch cannot fix. Basically this game never should have been released as is. They essentially made a game that doesn’t actually work that they never tested in a real world scenario, all because I’m sure EA w
  12. Yeh smart move. Just play 2020 on gamepass for free since the online multiplayer isn’t functional.
  13. Like I’ve said before, people on console should just give up on multiplayer ever working. Clearly codemasters is now avoiding the issue because they don’t know what’s going on, or it’s such a catastrophic error with how they wrote the net code for the game that there is no chance it will ever work without completely rebuilding the game which isn’t going to happen when we’re already half way to the next one. This is what happens when EA and devs rush out games every year that are simply “minimum viable products” and not really fully complete. could have stuck with 2020 on ga
  14. So did you go to the match list and pick one manually, or did you do a social race and let it auto match you? granted I’ve all but given up trying to play online, so I don’t try often, but about a month ago, I did finally get put into a social play race but never got past loading the race just sat in the black screen for a few minutes until everyone started leaving, probably for the same reason.
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