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  1. Myjan66

    Ps5 help

    Yes I heard from Sony they said next update or two but it’s not happened yet lol
  2. Myjan66

    Ps5 help

    Had this game from day one playing PS4 version as Jeff don’t work on ps5 was told by Sony this will be fixed in system softwear update up till now this has failed unless I’m missing something any help would be greatly appreciated I want to play ps5 version but I’m old so not being able to radio Jeff makes it unplayable for me thanks for reading
  3. I think it is not 100% sure sorry
  4. The problem is Sony and next system softwear update then update on game fingers crossed here’s to hoping
  5. Psn down oooppppssss
  6. I have now found out where the problem is and it’s my understanding it will be done on next update
  7. I would never have got the game if I knew it didn’t work properly what’s the point of next gen with **** ups like f1 21 which as I said is unplayable for me back to my point buy some thing from a shop it don’t work refund simple as that
  8. Matters not where u live or what u use game don’t work properly on ps5
  9. In which case codemasters should have not released the game on next gen consoles as the fact remains it don’t work as it should
  10. Another update today and still broke as in not fixed I want to play but can’t all the time it’s like this mdf is not an option for me
  11. If any of you got a car in real life and breaks in 24 hours or less it don’t work but you all defend a game that is broke and is a very simple fix I started this about ps5 and I think ea and codemasters need a kick up the a…. I’m sure you will defend them as you have been i am thinking some of are paid buy codemasters as I said I ran a online game files where never a problem easy fix I’m not buying the PS4 version and I really do think they rushed the game out before making sure it was right it’s all about the money
  12. I’m only talking about ps5 I have the game on pc works fine I really do think mfd = crash for me I’m old school look at d pad - ouch every time so for me it’s unplayable
  13. I ran an online server called legend of Mir uploaded file bug fixes all the time copy of other files etc no problem easy fix
  14. how is not not that easy when 2020 is fine copy the file
  15. We can not use radio in f1 21 ps5 but we can with the older game f1 2020 ps5 why don’t codemasters simply copy the radio file from the previous game problem solved I’m playing 2020 on ps5 at the mo as I can’t use mfd as I crash yes I’m old 54. But I still like gaming just my thoughts and an easy fix with an update file
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