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  1. i cant setting graphic option. i try, then crash..
  2. 1. already update f1 2021. 2. checked. 3. i don't know Bitdefender and i don't use Bitdefender 4. yes. 5. i cant. now, run f1 2021 and try graphic option low, then crash. 6. i dont run mode game
  3. i setting as low as possible all option. and crash has been in a few second from run f1 2021 so i can't take screenshots.
  4. DxDiag.txt i update all driver now. but f1 2021 crash has been in a few minute ago. what can i do more?
  5. DxDiag.txt here. What is the Leo Bodnar? my pedal is unique product, but it does not cause game crash
  6. i follow your solution. but crash has been faster than before follow last reply. please solve my case @steviejay69 and @BarryBL
  7. okay.... so my to do list is 1. bios update 2. run ddu and install nvidia graphic drvier. right? then, what version i should install graphic driver? and i using usb audio device. Should I stop using it?
  8. i using MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC. ATX motherboard
  9. i already setted as low as possible all graphic options. so texture streaming option is ultra low. and i don't have Bitdefender running at all.
  10. crash_dump#800360-20210821-175121-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210821-182951-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210821-185204-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210821-190635-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210821-193959-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210822-231644-0.zipcrash_dump#803111-20210824-203551-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210816-213852-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210816-214138-0.zipcrash_dump#800360-20210821-131150-0.zip i can play benchmark without crash at yesterday. but, today i cant play race(practice session). play 1~2laps and f1 2021 crash and ego dumper pop up. please solve my case. thx DxDiag.txt e
  11. I Think I solved my trouble yesterday night. first, I initialized whole SSD and reinstalled Windows 10 home. second, i installed steam, F1 2021. but crash has been without ego dumper. so I update graphic driver version 461.92 and update windows 10, update visual studio, ran steam and F1 2021 as administrator. then no crash occurred. i dont know why crash has been, but i dont care about reason. Please develop stability so that the same problem doesn't happen again. thx for ur reply
  12. Hello dear devs and comunitty, I have this problem: A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. The game is crashing in any game mode - Breaking point, time trial, career, menu. (EGO DUMPER). Platform The platform is STEAM. Windows 10 PRO What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) The version is F1 2021, v 1.06 Game-mode? Any game mode. We need to be able to make your problem ha
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