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  1. Same. Series x Won't be trying again as I've tried since launch. Its been extremely obvious since launch this company truly doesn't care once they have your money. I'm done. I won't give them another dime. What a huge middle finger to the people who bought this year after year. Right back at you EA/Codemasters.
  2. Thanks for the reply-- your post could have easily come from me as it is almost exactly my experience and thoughts! Agreed, I actually loved CP and am doing the same, waiting for additional content before additional playthrough's but I've been excited to and almost have dinner so on a couple occasions until I told myself to be patient and that the "make wet surfaces look really wet" patch isn't a big enough update for that yet haha. But I really liked it and found it to be one of the more engaging games I've played in a long time where I got truly sucked in to the world and was sad
  3. I'll admit it is better than before but whereas the game would play for up to 60 second before shutting the Xbox off (not just replays/cut scenes) now i can play for 5 or 6 minutes if I'm lucky before it crashes everything. This is the only game doing this btw, no issues with any other games. I know a number of people having the same issue but they've given up on this game (not to mention there's still a ton of people who don't have next gen consoles yet, otherwise there would be even more people affected). I agree with the comparison with CP2077 except that CP is playable so I don't feel
  4. Came back to try to play this again after being unable to play since buying at launch for $70. Still crashes my Xbox series x and is utterly unplayable. This is beyond pathetic. I've never had a game in my years of gaming make me feel like I was truly stolen from until this awful excuse for a game.
  5. Agreed, this is truly disgusting and slimey. @BarryBL how is this even remotely ok?! Pretending there's no problem doesn't make it go away. Truly pathetic.
  6. I highly recommend submitting a claim with the Better Business Bureau. They will give the company an opportunity via arbitration to refund it before it does impact them negatively. This isn't just a case of something not working well. It is something that doesn't work AT ALL (for myself and many others I'm aware of, at least). To do this to your customers (and what would've been fans up to this point) and refuse to acknowledge and even blatantly ignore your paying customers is pretty disgusting. But as @petro1319 stated, they have your money. Most reputable, ethical companies would
  7. So I take the time to post and just gets merged into this topic with no response or mention?! You guys do see why it looks like you don't care, right? I feel like I've been more than patient but to have paid $70 for this game, a game that I literally can't play (not just sometimes, not just for a bit) I paid for something that is completely WORTHLESS. How are the devs and those responsible for this game not ashamed and, at a minimum apologizing? At least I can play cyberpunk. This is sooooo much worse. I promise I will never buy a codemasters/EA F1 game again (I've put h
  8. detailed description: Crashes every single time I've tried to play, no other game does this and it says it's overheated even if I just turned my series x on and it's cold! How is this ok to take someone's money for something that does not work? I'm serious, I can't even have the game on for a minute before it crashes completely-- I bought it because I want to play it and have bought 2017 up until 2021 but at this point I would take a refund as this is so unacceptable (especially for something on next gen). $70 for the deluxe version and I feel like I've been stolen from! Report C
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