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  1. allow players in full simulation mode to break for the speed limit line put on the limiter. drive into the box, break and drive away at green light. similar thing with the starts. change the pop up info panel from the color to actual temperatures and traction metrics. make fuel appear in percentage used and allow for more fuel burning options
  2. I agree with a lot of the major ideas but there are a few very small but important details you need to change.TINY IMPORTANT DETAILSAdd FP1 and FP2 - i want to change my engine first and then have time to practiceAdd mechanical DNFs (Ai + Player) - broken something due to the driving style. ex. hot breaks for too long and rev limiter overuse to mechanically slow the car further.Request things from the engineer. have an option to "talk" to him not only listen. you could choose questions for him before the race and then with button shortcuts ask him that at specific points du
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