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  1. @steviejay69i changed my gfx card into gtx 960(which is minimum spec gfx),and run the game, it works without any problem. As you said, my psu was a main problem. i ordered new psu 750w. i think it will work! Thank you for giving me usefull advice.
  2. @BarryBLi checked my HWINFO to record csv data. it's a data turning game on to crashed. can you please check? f1.xlsx
  3. @steviejay69@BarryBL so.. which psu you recommend? honestly, if i can send my computer to you guys, i would. i formatted my computer again, and it crashed at the start, but this time, more than 90% crashed with no ego bumps. and is there way to commuicate more directly?(like facebook message,or instagram Dm) i really want to communicate instantly. and this is the only ego bump crash existing. crash_dump#803111-20210902-160243-0.zip
  4. @BarryBLthe only thing i know about my psu is 600w. and i only have this 21:9 29inch 2560x1080 monitor. and my gfx card setting is performance. here is my dxdiag,and HWINFO which @steviejay69recommended. and i already deleted my game. i had so much stress because of this problem. which means i don't want to try this game before update arrives. i know fixing glitch is hard, but i hope you guys to fix in 1.10. DxDiag.txt
  5. @BarryBL this is one of the worst experience since i bought my first f1 game,f1 2017. honestly, i just give up on this problem. nothing improves, it just crash and crash and crash. i love this series, and formula 1, but this is just so disappointing.
  6. @BarryBL First, i have no mods at all. Second, i already check integrity on my files on steam, and it said every file is correct. Third, i was running on latest graphics drivers for my graphic card. Forth, i downloaded lastest grphics card(v.471.96). and it crashed after i pressed start screen(press to start) menu. and here is crashlog file. crash_dump#803111-20210831-223039-0.zip
  7. @BarryBLno. i don't have a video for this. because it's just crashing in main menu, setting menu, or just after the intro scene(press any button scene). and i tried to change the settings you reccomended, and i succeeded to change my setup like texture streaming,rt_shadows, rt_reflections, screen space reflections. even though i finished that setup, it still crashed in setting menu. but seriously, why it doesn't work in version 1.07? i mean, when it first released in version 1.00, there was no problem from 1.00 to 1.06. in full graphic usage settings. but after i updated to 1.0
  8. @BarryBLsometime works, sometime doesn't. but same thing is crashing. honestly, how the game crashes in setting menu?
  9. @BarryBLcan you give me some solution? or just wait for next update?
  10. @BarryBLHi, i think it happens again. like going to settings, move around main menu. can i have any solution? +after i deleted, and reinstalled the game, now it just crashing at the beginning with, or without egobumps.. and it just crashes in setting menu. crash_dump#803111-20210830-222650-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210830-223910-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210830-224305-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210830-222547-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210831-001915-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210831-004104-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210831-004936-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210831-004536-0.zip cra
  11. @BarryBLJust WOW. for now, i think it's working!! thank you so much for helping me this problem. can i give you a comments if my game fail again?
  12. @BarryBLSo, i updated bios version,and i tried every solution you requested. but it still crashes. is there any more options to try? or just wait for next update? crash_dump#803111-20210827-015712-0.zip DxDiag.txt
  13. @BarryBLI tried your solution, and upgraded to 32gb ram. but it still crashes in game. like, go back in to main menu, or result after qualifing session. is there any more solutions? or should i just wait for the 1.08 update? crashdump,dxdiag underneath. crash_dump#803111-20210827-003014-0.zip DxDiag.txt
  14. @BarryBLi uploaded my crash dumps,dxdiags,and hardware setting. check please.
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