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  1. It's the time invested into the game aiming for the rewards, only for it to fail to provide those rewards... I understand it's not a priority and I don't expect it to be, just hoping for some sort of update on it following the start of the new podium pass
  2. @BarryBL @Ultra3142 Following the start of the new Podium Pass/Season, I have not received the item or any news on the challenge yet - any progress on this at all?
  3. Just completed the update and loaded up the game but none of the patch notes mention this issue - hopefully some news when the new season begins on Wednesday?
  4. Well now the season is over, what's the plan for the challenge reward @BarryBL? Disappointed that my hard work on those challenges was for nothing...
  5. @BarryBL @Mattyholl Didn't think of looking at the Super License before - I have 51 career podiums but only 22 are showing on the Series Challenges...
  6. @BarryBL I'm stuck on 22, still experiencing the issue. I started building up the numbers in my original driver career (starting from F2) and it seems to have stopped counting when I got to F1 or when I switched over to My Team career.
  7. I am still having no luck with progression - still stuck on 22. Really hope this is sorted soon so I can finish the season pass.
  8. Got mine on the most recent version (as of 25/08/2021) and still experiencing the issue (PC/Steam). Mine is stuck on 22 podiums.
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