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  1. jennyannem

    Race footage getting copyrighted

    Hey, if you post the URL of the videos that have been affected, we'll get them released for you 🙂
  2. jennyannem

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Just to update that this is now out on PS4 too.
  3. jennyannem

    F1 copyright shenanigans on youtube

    Hi @Ferrethead81, if you send us over the URL(s) of the affected videos, we'll get it released for you!
  4. jennyannem

    Hard to put Gasly and Albom on the right team?

    Hey all, Just to let you all know that the Albon/Gasly switch is still very much on its way - we're looking to get it out in a future patch, but we'll keep you updated on that! Thanks!
  5. Hi! DiRT Rally 2.0 v1.3 releases at 11am (BST) today, and with that, RaceNet will go down for maintenance, so please make sure you're not playing the game when 11am comes around, as it could compromise event times etc. being uploaded to the server. We're expecting RaceNet to be up and running by 12pm BST! Here's what patch 1.3 contains: - Grip and floating car issues off the starting line now resolved - New achievements/trophies added for Season One: ‘On Thin Ice’ (Complete a clean stage in Monte Carlo), ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (Drive 66km at Monte Carlo in the DS 21), ‘To all those who doubted...’ (Get a podium in the Citroën C4 Rally), ‘Kickin’ 80s Vibe’ (Complete your first Event in the BMW M1 Procar Rally) - The achievement/trophy “Fire Up That Car... Again” has had its unlock criteria modified - Prevention for audio cut-out improved - Added Jon Armstrong’s 2019 Galway International Rally livery - New engine audio for BMW M1 Procar and Peugeot 208 T16 R5 - Fixed non-English translations of in-game text - Retiring no longer counts as completing the stage or event, and will no longer cause trophies to pop - Returning to the service area in Rallycross Community Events or AI Challenges will take players to service area and not leave the event - Spectating in bumper cam will now show other drivers in custom online events - Improvements to co-driver calls in specific call outs, across multiple locations - Leaderboards are now available after non-Time Trial races - Improvements to visual quality on some cars - Corner cuts across certain areas (reset lines and rough terrain) are now prevented - Stability improvements throughout title Noticed anything slip through the cracks? Let us know right here. Thanks! Jenny
  6. Hi all, Just to confirm: no emails have gone out for the beta. We will let you know when emails have gone out here. As an aside, please be careful about who you give your personal details to. But just to confirm once more: no emails have gone out.
  7. jennyannem

    ps4 DLC problem

    Hi @dani211212 , I've taken a look into this for you! Your DLC cars will work in career mode on the account you've bought the DLC on 😊. If you can't access the cars from that account, please let me know!
  8. jennyannem

    ps4 DLC problem

    Hey @dani211212, sorry you're experiencing this! Is this an issue that you're experiencing on both accounts, or just the one?
  9. jennyannem

    The Game Thread!

    Couldn't help it. This is so. So. Much. Fun!
  10. jennyannem

    DiRTy Gossip

    *waves* Hoping to not be a stranger to you guys too!