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    something is seriously wrong here?

    Xbox, traction control off, pad you can slam the acceleration button out of the corner without any problems.
  2. Since PCars was delayed until March next year it seems F1 2014 is the only way to experience an F1 game this year.
  3. Tourgott

    something is seriously wrong here?

    Traction Control on/medium/off does not change anything. It's always almost the same.
  4. Tourgott

    F1 2014 and 2015

    It's hard to go back from DS4 to DS3 though.
  5. Tourgott

    F1 2014 Gameplay Videos

    Very nice. Thanks. Would love to see 50% races, Expert on Sepang/Shanghai/Austin :) There's no footage from these tracks so far.
  6. Thank you very much. That's all I wanted to know. Now I can get this game. The latest gameplay footage actually convinced me. You should have put up more footage earlier :)
  7. Tourgott

    A.I Difficulty

    Maybe they messed up the lift and coast so AI is slowing down way too early (which would be very bad because the too early braking of the AI was always one of the main problems of the game).
  8. Tourgott

    Less then 2 Weeks Till Release - Japan ONLY!

    It sounds as awful as real life. Period.
  9. Tourgott

    Less then 2 Weeks Till Release - Japan ONLY!

    I also like how they even put the "#KeepFightingMichael" hashtag on the Mercedes. Good job.
  10. Tourgott

    Less then 2 Weeks Till Release - Japan ONLY!

    What I really like is the pace of Raikonnen at the end of the race. He can't overtake him even with DRS. And he is driving pretty good.
  11. Tourgott

    Less then 2 Weeks Till Release - Japan ONLY!

    I discovered two new lines about engine and tyre temperature.
  12. Tourgott

    Less then 2 Weeks Till Release - Japan ONLY!

    Japanese version is completely identical to the European version. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LxYQ8kkDbw So I guess all "illegal players" will be able to play the game 2 weeks earlier than buyers. Great CM!
  13. Tourgott

    I hope someone makes a V8 sound mod :(

    Many people, including me, were concerned about the sound right from the very moment on when the new engine rules were announced. And we were right. The sound is absolutely ridiculous. And no, racing is not better just because Lewis is leading the championship. It is the same crap as it is since a few years with fake overtakes (DRS), fuel and tire saving, no pushing the whole race and slow lap times. If there wouldn't be the battle between Rosberg and Hamilton it would be the worst and most boring season since years - even more boring than the second half of 2013.
  14. Tourgott

    F1 2014 Japanese ver. Some reports!

    Did you play the game? Can you say something about tire wear? Is it the same as last year? 
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXcg04v6kTY
  16. Tourgott

    Naive question

    No, this is not possible. Maybe in the Next Gen version next year.
  17. It's the Steam Early Access version. That's why it says "Work in Progress". But of course it is finished already.
  18. GameRiot commented that it is Steam Early Access.
  19. Tourgott

    A.I Difficulty

    Which would be pretty unrealistic if they would follow 2014 lap times.
  20. Here is more gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaMAhGxwYvM
  21. Tourgott

    All F2014 video

    Yes, but the problem is that they showed us similar crash videos of F1 2013 before the release. Won't make it into the game I guess.
  22. Tourgott

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    That engine sound  
  23. Don't get your hopes up. "Next gen F1" will be released "earlier". For CM this means around 4 - 8 weeks earlier than usual.
  24. Tourgott

    This is a Monza Hot Lap!!!

    When F1 was about pure power and speed and not this shit we have today with these ridiculous lawn mower engines.
  25. Tourgott

    Vacuum cleaners and Kettles!!!!

    If there's anything in F1 2014 you can't blame CM for then it's the sound. It's the same shit like in real life.