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    QOTW #1: What is the best CM F1 game?

    2012 by far. Best handling.
  2. Tourgott

    Who's Gonna Buy F1 2014

    Not me.
  3. Tourgott

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    I really don't understand how CM could release another LastGen game if we could get this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zSdy-IAU0k&list=UUAkn3xgXwr9f3ppnLZ_EH1w
  4. Cognitive Dissonance - The ability to understand multiple viewpoints even if they conflict with one another - and still use critical thinking, logical thought, and common sense to come to the realization that only ONE is the correct one and the others are wrong. Edgy. The point I was making is that you still get Pratice, Qualifying, and the Race with F1 2014, as well as the entire driver line up, the cars, and the tracks. Is that on offer on Project Cars? my argument is that I don't think there are any games that can offer the same level of authenticity of the 2014 season that Codemasters F1 2014 will be able to. it's entirely possible that Project Cars may have better driving, May even be a better racing game on the whole, but out of the box you're not going to get the F1 2014 season, and cars. From what I have gathered the Project Cars F1 car is based on the V8s. But sure cherry pick my post and attempt pseudo psychology, either or  Project Cars offers Practice, Qualifying and the Race. You can also create your own career mode where you go through GP3, GP2 to F1. Yes, Project Cars does not offer the driver line up and only 7 or 8 original F1 tracks. But I will always take a good F1 simulator without original data over a bad F1 game like CM's F1 series (except F1 2012 which was very good I have to say). And it's very likely that Project Cars will offer new tracks as a DLC because the game won't be finished for a long time after release.  As for the V8: This is not a downside at least for me who hates the V6 sound. So I'm very happy they got the V8 and rumors are floating around that they will also include a 2004 Ferrari with the glorious V10 (also as a DLC). Edit - Here you can find information about the career mode: http://www.projectcarsgame.com/career.html
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc4rF3gNDD0
  6. Tourgott

    F1 2014-no Anthony Davidson?

    They had to do everything new. In the last two games they used exactly the same soundtrack. With the V6 gears would have been wrong as well als KERS and DRS. Also lap times are slower. That's why they did not include Anthony Davidson to the Hot Laps. Again a proof how little effort and love they put into F1 2014. That's why I don't buy it. I will not support such a crap.
  7. Tourgott

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    Sound is worse than RL. Never thought that would be possible.
  8. Tourgott

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Red Bull Ring Hot Lap

    This  game will be so bad.
  9. Tourgott

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    Awful sound. Awful graphics. Will not buy.
  10. Tourgott

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Way earlier? We all know what "earlier" means for CM. Maybe August or in best case July.
  11. Tourgott

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Ridiculous. Won't buy F1 2014 and I guess I won't F1 2015 either even if it's released earlier. You're actually expecting we're spending again 60 bucks for the same old shit we got the last 4 years. Not this time, CM. I'm done.
  12. Tourgott

    F1 2014 announcing tomorrow 31.07.14

  13. Tourgott

    F1 2014 announcing tomorrow 31.07.14

    I was afraid that it won't be Current Gen (PS4/One).  Seems to be true. So then bye CM. No PS4 = no buy.
  14. Tourgott

    F1 2014 announcing tomorrow 31.07.14

    Could you please give us the exact time when it will be revealed? Maybe as a compensation for the long wait. I'm at work and hate to check the forum every 10 minutes ;)
  15. Tourgott

    When do you think F1 2014 will be released?

    You mean Project Cars for F1? I think it's a great game but awful for F1. They don't even get the hand animation correct. Did you see that they cross hands in hairpins? Will they sort this out?
  16. Tourgott

    2012 The best game ?

    Yes, 2012 was the best for me too. It had the best handling and the difficult level suited me perfect.
  17. Tourgott

    F1 2014 - News "Soon"

    Actually F1 cars no longer go "zoooommm". Unfortunately they're more like "brommmbrombrom".
  18. Tourgott

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    F1 2012 GP4 GP2 GP3
  19. Tourgott

    F1 2014 - News "Soon"

    I hope this will not lead to weak sales (like last year) because then we won't get any F1 game next year.
  20. It's not easy like that. I read every Tweet from Steve and he never said it that clearly. There were hints but if you followed Steve for years you know that this means not much. Plus Steve mentioned they are developing F1 games at the moment. Whatever this means. Maybe there's F1 2014 for Old Gen and F1 2015 for Next Gen. You never know what CM's doing.
  21. Tourgott

    F1 2014 Mid November Release?

    I'm actually losing my interest in the F1 series.
  22. Tourgott

    f1 2012 PS3 Anthony Davidson hot lap

    At the track menu choose Details (triangle / PS3 controller afaik) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql1RIibTyo4
  23. Tourgott

    F1 2014 - News "Soon"

    Could anybody from Codemasters at least confirm if we won't get any news this weekend? Thank you.