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  1. Where are you pulling this idea that F1 2015 has been worked on since 2012? Also Project Cars Formula A, is a spec series. They make one car and slap a bunch of different liveries in it. F1 2015 has the 14 and 15 season, which has 11 and 10 teams. So Codemaster's have to make 21 F1 cars all with different performance and appearance. I don't believe Codemaster's would have started work on 2015 till late 2013 at the earliest. Even if they did start it then they would have had to split the team so some could work on 2014 and the other to start work on 2015. So I'd wage they've only had 1.5-2 ye
  2. Just one question, and I mean it absolutely serious: Do you really think this game will sell well without any kind of advertising? Or are sales of the F1 series not important for you anymore? It seems like you shifted all your manpower to the Dirt series.
  3. Dive-bomb into PCars AI like in the crap Codemasters games and your race is over. You actually have to race the AI like in real life, waiting for a mistake or slipstream them. That's what I love about PCars Formula A. Nope,in this the AI dive-bomb the player instead. Granted, I prefer the AI to be aggressive compared to passive but in PCars they're too far the other way. They're great in clear air and defending, but the minute you're side by side or slightly ahead that's it, you're invisible to them. In F1, sure they're too easy and as you say, you can dive-bomb them, but I never dive into
  4. The game won't be delayed. It's just another trick by Codemasters to hide the bad quality of the game. I'm pretty sure they'll also set the embargo to release date to get as many sales as possible before the bad reviews drop in.
  5. Can You Please Stop Writing Like This?... Apologies I'm doing this on my phone. :) hehe, no problem just little bit frustrating to read like that... But anyway, back to topic... I honestly starts to feel that this game either will be delayed or they just have something to hide...I mean if the game is good and going to be finished when they wanted, why not show anything with under 3wheeks to release... Just the same strategy as 2014 (must have worked for them): Hiding as long as they can that the game is a total disaster.
  6. As I already said. This guy is even worse than the guy who had this job before. The best marketing guy Codemasters ever had was Andy who was responsible for F1 2010 - F1 2012.
  7. Dive-bomb into PCars AI like in the crap Codemasters games and your race is over. You actually have to race the AI like in real life, waiting for a mistake or slipstream them. That's what I love about PCars Formula A.
  8. Who said FA "feels" wrong? Obviously I've never driven a F1 car but for me it feels much more realistic than CM's F1. For PCars it all depends on the correct settings. As for DRS: It's based on the 2011 rules, when DRS was allowed anywhere in Qualifying. I'm pretty happy they're allowing it in the race too, because DRS is just bullshit so it gives great racing with equivalent cars and not just push-to-pass fake overtakes. Slipstream is still too much in Pcars, though. It's a known bug and will be fixed soon.
  9. Project Cars AI is the best AI in any racing game I've ever seen. They even try to force you into a mistake. Sometimes they're a little bit too aggressive but that's a very small issue compared to the ridiculous AI we know from CM. I'm pretty sure their new AI in F1 2015 will be not much improved.
  10. They have different pace. I already got back markers after 18 laps on 90%. Edit - I guess you have to set them to "same class" instead "identical". Not sure about that.
  11. Are you guys actually still around here? Leave them alone with their crap game. They obviously don't care and they're lying to their customers. So why would you care? Play PCars and be lucky!
  12. There is DRS (and KERS) on pCars I know but since the player and the AI can use it everywhere it  annuls each other :)
  13. This game is so awesome. Just did 53 laps Monza race. Despite being much harder than CM's F1 games I can do much more consistent laps. I guess it's because you can feel what the car is doing and there's actually a realistic handling model behind it. AI on lap 1 is awful (aggressiv) but after that it's fantastic. I raced behind the leader by 0,9 seconds lap after lap and couldn't get closer. That's like in the old fantastic days when there was no DRS bullshit. I love it. :)
  14. Project Cars Formula A is awesome. You can't even touch another car slightly without damaging your suspension. What a difference to this Codemasters shit.
  15. I got my Project Cars copy. This game is awesome. Forget everything about this crap Codemasters F1 series. Playing Project Car's Formula A is like day and night. I don't know how somebody feels when he drives an real F1 car for the first time but I guess it's similar. Get Project Cars and forget F1 2015.
  16. This topic is dead. This game is dead.
  17. Bear in mind that SMS did not need 4 years to reach the realism/sim of "Formula A". They have so many different classes, that's why it took so long. If they would have focused on one class they could have get the game out in one/two year(s).
  18. I'm pretty sure CM is done with the F1 series. Especially after their Dirt announcement yesterday it's pretty obvious which status it has. 
  19. The AI is pretty good. It's still not perfect though. It depends on the track but sometimes the AI is a little bit too aggressive and therefore too often off the track. You can get an impression here, it's the final build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEvuKfV2Y6w
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