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  1. Yes, of course. It works perfectly on weekdays. And I'm very grateful to you, Barry. This bug has been resolved thanks to the latest update: "Why does the whole lobby fall apart when one user freezes? Why not kick he out the server for example after a minute? Why does the whole lobby have to fall apart?" Working also today (weekend)
  2. It's weekend, it's unable to play in beginner friendly. Please unhide my posts!
  3. Since the last update, there is often a bad order after the race and qualification, with impossible lap times
  4. I really can't believe that anymore. It’s the weekend and the section is down again😒
  5. I understand. I was thinking about connectivity issues and freezes that are same in every lobby. (off: There have been a lot of bugs again since the last update.)
  6. I agree, I noticed that too. And I'm sad. Needless to say, but the beginner section hasn’t been going on for hours. This problem has existed for years.
  7. It seems to me the same lobby has been frozen since this morning, but now there is another lobby that is working
  8. Wow, that really stops now. There has been no such bad lately, except for the ominous 4-day downtime 3 weeks ago. I woke up 2 hours earlier today so I could play before work, but I couldn’t play a single race. And how many times has this happened ... Dear BarryBL, please help us not to stand all over again until Monday or Tuesday. P.s: Another hour has passed and he is still standing. I went to work. Be good!
  9. @Ultra3142, @Whiskeyjack11 Thank you guys for your support. I’ve been struggling for weeks to report the problem at all. I've been logged in for an hour and it doesn't work. Who knows how long he's been standing again. In this case, it usually works normally again on Monday or Tuesday
  10. "Do other lobby settings work?" I don't know, i don't care. I'm not a testing staff. 🙂 I was just kidding, I'm sorry. I don’t really play in other online sections, but as I looked at they usually work, but I don’t know exactly. It’s weekend again, the section has been stoping again for a long time, as it usually is on weekends "Please try to avoid spamming updates" Ok, but i'm not spamming. The test always requires several "measurements", but okay, i don't post more like that. And thank you in advance for your help. Have a nice day
  11. A detailed description of the issue: It’s a weekend, the beginner friendly lobbies are constantly freezing. Why??? Usually one or two race can be completed in 2 hours. Unenjoyable and outrageous! Two weeks ago, this section was broken from Friday to Tuesday morning!!! Another issue: Why does the whole lobby fall apart when one user freezes? Why not kick he out the server for example after a minute? Why does the whole lobby have to fall apart? Report Code: no report code Platform? PC. I think the other platforms are like that Game-mode? Singe. Social play, beginner frien
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