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  1. Hi all. Finally I could get steering wheel SF1000 Thrustmaster working. Trick is: Start PS5 and plug in USB. Login with button S1 and then suddenly package start downloading and installing. Then steering wheel SF1000 was working. Strange thing is that installation step is not in manual at all. For now racing.....
  2. I check with joy.cpl on pc what mode T300 has. I see advanced Racer and firmware plus drivers are up to date. But when I restart ps5 and go to controls vibrations & feedback is see only the 2 controls. If I play F1 2021 wheel is not reacting at all. I crash in first corner and can not do anything alsp pedals are not reacting. co
  3. Just check with SF1000 on T300 and on my PC when i type joy.pcl ( see first picture ) you can see that he recognized the SF1000 on T300 as Thrustmaster Advanced Mode Racer. On second picture you can see all the info. But when I am playing F1 2021 on PS5 with setup SF1000 T300 i can not select Thrustmaster T300 Advanced Racer. ( maybe not need anymore ) Please let me know.
  4. I have a T300RS from Thrustmaster. If i play F1 2021 ( on PS5 ) with T300 plus original steering wheel i can see in controls vibration & feedback several T300 on the screen. ( check picture 1 ) If i play F1 2021 ( on PS5 ) with T300 plus new SF1000 wheel add-on Ferrari edition i can not see in controls vibration & feedback any T300 on the screen. ( check picture 2 ) On picture 3-4-5- you can see the drivers/firmware that i have already installed as Thrustmaster stated on their website. So i can not select T300 Advanced Racer. What can be the issue.
  5. Strange thing is that i have a T300RS with original wheel. It is visible in Controls Vibration & Force Feedback. I can play the game F1 2021 without any problem. But when is put wheel SF1000 from Thrustmaster on T300RS i see nothing in Controls Vibration & Force Feedback. All drivers/firmware are up to dat. What can be the issue?
  6. Thanks for replying. But if the SF1000 is entered to wheel base T300RS in F1 2021 it will not appear as TGT or as T300RS. There are only 2 dual controllers visible.
  7. If have a T300RS with original steering wheel and played F1 2021 without any problem. When putting the formula wheel add-on ferrari sf1000 edition on T300RS i made sure that all updates ( firmware etc... ) where correct set. Also enable wifi following instruction. I started F1 2021 and good not find my T300RS anymore. Also new SF1000 steering wheel is not working. Calibration is okay. What could be the problem?
  8. I have a T300RS Thrustmaster with original steering wheel. This base is recognized in F1 2020. When I start F1 2021 the T300RS base is also visible in list of controllers. But when i disable original wheel and put the SF1000 on it plus did all installations of SF1000 ( firmware all is up tot date ) the T300RS is not visible anymore. Who can help me out???
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